Are You Building a ‘Lifestyle Business’ or Simply Trading One Time-Sucking Job for Another?

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Unlike many home business owners I have sub-zero interest in building a team of thousands or even making as much money as possible…


I guess I’m just not as ambitious as some and I’m ok with that. In fact, I consider myself to be more “Ambitiously Lazy”


Instead, my goal is to create as much LEVERAGE as possible in my business so I don’t have to work as hard.51v5pje3atl-_sx331_bo1204203200_


Tim Ferris sums it up pretty well in his book, “The 4 Hour Workweek” where he says…


“The blind quest for cash is a fools errand. Maximum income from minimal effort is the primary goal”


More customers usually means more headaches, more support requests, more people demanding your time…


…..And if you want a “Lifestyle Business” that provides you with “4 Hour Workweek” Type of freedom, you have to be RUTHLESS when it comes to protecting your time!


Now the guy who introduced me to this term “Ambitiously Lazy” made his first million in home business in under 2 years with less than 300 customers. Jeff is definitely a follower of the 4 Hour Workweek principles and strategies.  Discover the T3FP formula he used to make that happen HERE 


In that opportunity he managed to dig himself out of over $400,000 in debt that he acquired from a failed franchise business. 


And also gave him the capital cushion to become an aggressive, risk-taking entrepreneur rather than a fear-based small thinker who was always flirting with disaster to pursue insignificant victories


When I asked him what he meant by “Flirting with Disaster” he told me about an MLM experience he had in his early 20’s


“I spent $500 on a distributor kit for an MLM when that $500 was supposed to pay the rent the next month”


Flirting with disasterNot making enough money from the sales to cover the auto-ship, let alone pay the rent


Insignificant victory = Making a few sales and barely recouping the initial investment and having the sponsor call to tell me I got some sort of company recognition. Whoopty doo!


He told me that if the commission doesn’t provide you with at least “3 zeros per sale” you may in fact be “flirting with disaster”


Especially if you want to build your business in a leveraged, scalable way on the internet, which is where the time freedom and “Lifestyle” comes in.


For a business to be scalable with online marketing you have to be able to earn commissions big enough to cover your advertising costs and produce a healthy profit….


…….Most home business models are NOT scalable online because they simply don’t pay out enough commissions when a sale is made to cover advertising costs let alone to turn a profit. If you are doing paid advertising to grow a business with small profit margins you are definitely Flirting with Disaster!  


And let’s be honest… statistically you are unlikely to ever build a team of more than 300 people – which is perfectly fine if you’re in a business like this one where 300 people can net you a million dollars, right?!


Another important thing to understand is that you can’t scale a business that requires so much of your personal time.


Some very misguided people in home business spend hours upon hours every single day prospecting strangers on social media and consider that  “Internet marketing”


That is NOT a scalable strategy, nor is it a way to create a “lifestyle business” because it requires too much of your personal time.


As soon as you stop doing it – your sales and income come to a screeching halt… Not good right?


To me a real leveraged, “Lifestyle Business” means that things are happening (like leads and sales) weather you are personally there to make them happen or not.


“I am the ghost in the machine” <<== Tim Ferris (The 4 Hour Workweek)


In my new business most of my new sales are coming from Facebook ads and solo ads, which requires less than 30 minutes per day of my personal time to maintain


We use a Funded Proposal on the front end to FILTER out unqualified and uninterested prospects so we don’t have to waste valuable time with the wrong people. This, in itself is a complete game changer for most and one of the keys to creating a real lifestyle businessAnd since the funded proposal itself is Paid Application to join our team, we know we are spending our personal time with the most qualified prospects who have actually submitted an application to work with us. 


On top of Funnels and Filters that save time by weeding out the wrong prospects, one of the biggest time-savers we have in this business is “done for you” online marketing. NOTE: We very much encourage our members to consume our training and become effective marketers themselves, but these done for you services are in place to kickstart their businesses and give them a major hand up along the way. 


This includes, but is not limited to:


A Traffic CoOp for Done For You Traffic and Leads <<== Probably the biggest barrier to success for most!


A Dedicated Call Center to close sales for you <<== Probably the second biggest barrier to success for most


Done for you Blog and Content Marketing <<== 9 out of my last 10 blog posts were written FOR me, but not BY me


Done for you Email Marketing Follow Ups and Broadcasts <<== One of the best email marketers and copywriters I know writes the emails for you and posts them almost daily in our Facebook group for you to use to promote the business. You can choose to use your own auto-responder or let the company manage the list for you.


All of this is designed to provide our members with a leveraged, scalable, Lifestyle Business where much of the heavy lifting is done for you….


……So that you can live your best life NOW


And have thousands of dollars flowing into your bank account NOW, rather than 5-10 years from now when you have built up a nice residual income along with the BURDEN of a team of thousands of people to motivate and babysit.


Forget that tired old business model that has you spinning like a hamster in a wheel!


The New “Laptop Lifestyle” Business is finally here!


Check out our new “Laptop Lifestyle” system and apply to be a part of our Internet Marketing Dream Team Here


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See you on the inside!


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