Alpha Networker Review & Bonus interview with 7 figure Marketer Norbert Orlewicz

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Alpha Networker Review

How does one transition from an employee mindset to 7 figure alpha networker? It can be a challenging process and for some it could take several years to break the conditioning one experiences in the corporate world. Becoming an alpha networker and achieving alpha networker success means first realizing that you are the leader people are looking for. Understanding the true value you bring to the table. Not just in your products and services but in you. Do you feel it is a privlege for people to get to work with you? Or are you unsure of yourself and uneasy when promoting your self? This is a great indication of the category you fall into. The categories being the alpha networker, the pre-alpha and the beta. This article will discuss why the alpha makes all the money in the industry, how to begin to transition into an alpha and discuss a real life transition of an extremely successful alpha networker named Norbert Orlewicz.

Norbert Orlewicz – A personal alpha networker review

Norbert Orlewicz struggled for 6 years in network marketing before having his breakthrough year in 2008 and going on to create a million dollar enterprise in 2009. I had a chance to interview Norbert to discover the process that took him from beta, sponsoring 12 people in his first 6 years in the network marketing industry, to alpha networker and one of the most well known successful online marketers in the entire network marketing industry.

Listen to our interview with 7 figure alpha networker Norbert Orlewicz


Achieving alpha networker success comes through surrounding yourself with other alphas. This does not mean that you have to know them personally or go snowboarding with them, (like I have : ) But it does mean purchasing their courses and marketing systems, modeling yourself after them and getting in front of them as often as possible. This can be done by attending training calls and live events, reading books on personal empowerment and professional development. It is also helpful to realize that achieving alpha networker success only comes through first becoming an alpha yourself. Not from getting lucky or getting in a company at the “ground floor,” like many people mistakenly feel is key to success in network marketing.

I love the direct selling industry (and this can probably go for any endeavor in free enterprise) because it will either make or break you. It will challenge any insecurity you have. If you are weak, you will either break down and quit or begin to own your greatness and become a powerful and empowered leader who will go on to do great things and inspire countless others in the process.

Norbert Orlewicz is a featured member in the brand new “alpha networker” product that was just released from the team at Magnetic Sponsoring. This is a product that has got the attention of several top producers in the industry, all of whom agree that if networkers do not get this “secret sauce,” all the training and the “how to” is completely irrelevant. Meaning that anyone can learn SEO or PPC or social media marketing but without a firm belief that you are the leader that people are looking for and until you morph from beta to pre-alpha and from pre-alpha to alpha you will continue to flounder and fail and see sub-par results.


If I give a beta something to sell AND teach him the mechanics involved to sell it will he see minimal to no results where if you give the alpha networker the same tools and training does he take it and go make a million dollars?

Because money comes from one place, PEOPLE. I don’t care if you sell vitamins or health juices, travel packages, telecommunications packages, or gift baskets. Your product is people. That is the one variable every single time.

So the beta has not developed the communication skills nor the confidence necessary to realize or to increase his/her value to bring that product/service effectively to free enterprise.

While the alpha networker knows that what they have is incredibly valuable. EVEN if the product/service is sub-par because they understand that what the person is actually buying is them. It does not matter if the value of the product is low because the added value they get from purchasing it from the alpha is beyond measure. Their communication skills are strong and they are effective at communicating the value to the prospect.

Alpha networker review – My own transition to alpha

One of the ways I have used to transition to alpha networker is to every day stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom and repeat out loud “I am the leader people are looking for.” I say this with conviction many times while massaging my ears to burn this message into my being on a cellular level.

Life is one big game of follow the leader. That is why it is imperative for a successful life that you make the transition from follower to leader. You can learn more about leadership development by visiting my post on “How to become a Leader.”

There are several ways to transition and become an alpha. And if you feel you have the ability or desire to do so it is your social responsibility to become one. Because now more than ever the world is starving for real leadership. And you can help more people as a leader than you can as a follower. You can help more people as a wealthy person than you can as a poor person.

To begin this transformation you can start by watching these 4 eye opening  free videos from the brand new alpha networker 2.0 product. These videos has inspired me to step up my own game and start empowering and developing leaders on a larger scale.

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