Alpha Influence – My Top 3 Biggest Mental Breakthroughs

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Alpha InfluenceAlpha Influence is the most detailed, one stop personal development info-product I’ve ever personally consumed. Created by Ryan Angelo, Alpha Influence is more than a personal development course, its a 16 week intensive mindset bootcamp. And the way the information is detailed is a big reason for the effectiveness of the training.

Personal development books are great. But there’s only so much you can retain from simply reading a book. Alpha influence is designed to hammer the information into your subconscious so it stays with you when you need it the most. It does this through the printed word of course as well as visual diagrams, an audio version of every chapter, subconscious audio training to be “looped” throughout the day as well as assignments to further plant the information in a way that it will stick.

Do you see how all these modalities of consuming information is way more effective for retaining knowledge than simply reading a book?

This post will explain the top 3 biggest breakthroughs or ahha moments I’ve personally experienced as a result of going through Alpha Influence.

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1.) Attaining True Awareness

The unfortunate reality is that most people go through life on complete autopilot. They simply go through the motions of life and react to situations as they drift in and out of their lives. Awareness is a major theme of the Alpha Influence mindset course. Very few people are really aware of their environment and the few people that get this and achieve an elevated sense of awareness have major advantages over those who do not.

2.) Perception is Reality

If you want to really influence people you must be able to see the world through their eyes. In order to do this you must first be aware and truly be present. People see the world in very different ways from one another. Wars have been waged and fought throughout history because one groups of people’s perception of reality is different from another group’s perception of reality. Think about that for a moment. The fact is that each individual on the planet has their own perception of the way the world works and that perception is that persons reality. We think that everyone thinks and views the world the same way we do and thats simply not the case.

A person who’s told as a child that they are a loser and will never amount to anything in life will see the world very differently than the person who, as a child, was told they are capable and will go on to do great things.

Throughout Alpha Influence Angelo discusses what he refers to as the MARM. It stands for Minds Automatic Recall Machine. Essentially its the database of information we store in our subconscious mind. Every time we as human beings make decisions, which is all day every day, our MARM is called upon to find the most appropriate answer to best fit that particular situation. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If your mind is filled with negative crap and perceptions of limitations your MARM will guide your decision making process in a way that is congruent to your beliefs of limitations. However if your mind is re-programmed with positive information about endless possibilities and perceptions of yourself as a capable and magnificent person your MARM will act accordingly and that will shape your reality. How do you re-program your MARM and your mind to shape a more positive reality? You start by buying alpha influence right now.

 3.) Mind Body Alliance

Ryan Angelo I did not truly appreciate the mind-body alliance until just recently and much more so after going through alpha influence. In order to be successful in business and life in general you must have a great deal of energy and mental clarity. You do this by taking care of your body through consuming good food and exercising regularly. There is an entire section dedicated to this in alpha influence. Angelo discusses the importance of cardio or aerobic training as well as strength or resistance training and of course YOGA for physical strength as well as elevated clarity of mind. He also discusses things like the importance of eating breakfast even when your not hungry and eating appropriate portions rather than gorging yourself at every meal.

Why is this important?

Honestly, I never thought about how important taking care of your body is to things like mental clarity, creativity, energy and mental focus. If you do not have some sort of exercise routine where you get the blood flowing at least 3 times a week I can absolutely guarantee that your business and income suffers as a result. Try it for a few months and return to this blog post to a comment. I look forward to learn about your new found results.

“I have been going through Alpha Influence for about a month now.  Before listening and going through this program, I would allow my emotions to control every aspect of my life.  Now I am able to identify when these emotions are not serving me and make better choices to serve my higher purpose in life.  In general I’m happier, and things are coming to me with greater ease than I ever thought possible.   My income is increasing in my business, and my relationships are greatly improved.”

-Melissa J. Hoffman

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