3 Really Cool Free Resources I Revisit Every December

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Its ALREADY starting!!!


Home business entrepreneurs from around the world are paying lip-service the idea of making 2015 “my breakthrough year….”


Steam_Phase_eruption_of_Castle_geyser_with_double_rainbow….Meaning creating an income geyser in their business that ushers in the freedom and lifestyle that attracted them to the industry in the first place.


Many will romanticize the idea of becoming successful….


Some may even set some goals and maybe even a plan for attaining them come January.


But its the ones who start taking NEW ACTIONS….RIGHT NOW… In December..


…Who will ultimately make it happen in 2015!


Every top producing entrepreneur, both inside our industry and out, are doing certain things between now and January 1st to ensure not only profitability but….


….Exponential GROWTH in their businesses between this past year and the new one that is quickly approaching!


Read my most recent blog post entitled, “December ‘To Do’s’ for January ‘Breakthroughs” to get 3 immediate actions steps to ensure you hit the ground running in the critical month of January and set the stage for your breakthrough year!


Putting these simple things in place NOW will allow them to hit the ground running in early January.


The masses either won’t do these things because they don’t know how, or they don’t realize how important they are.. OR…


They will wait until early January to do them…


Both of which are mistakes that could be costing them thousands in missed opportunities and profits.


I can’t stress enough…


….The critical importance of the month of January for your business and your success in 2015!


The time to prepare for it is now! ..IF… you want to create life changing results in the new year.


Here are a few free resources I personally revisit every December to help me get a major jump on the new year….. This is why i’m a top producer… I take steps to plan my success in the new year before it even happens and I highly suggest you start doing the same if you are serious about getting transformational results!


These 3 resources were created by Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine and the author of “The Compound Effect”


If you are not currently a Darren Hardy fan like I am, you are about to be!


Enjoy the free resources and leave me a comment below if you get value from them, or from this post….




Resource # 1 – Darren’s Goal Designing Worksheet


Resource #2 – Darren’s Habit Assessment Worksheet


Resource # 3 – Darren’s Gratitude Assessment Worksheet


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