Affiliate Marketing Programs – Is This Growing Problem Killing Your Success in Affiliate Marketing ?

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Here’s a quick, eye opening way to tell if you are setting yourself up for long term success in affiliate marketing….  Go out and try and sell your affiliate products to someone outside the “make money online” world.  Most business owners in the brick and mortar world would look at you like you have 2 heads, because quite frankly, most affiliate marketing programs do not translate at all to the “real world.” Most affiliate marketing programs today really only serve the people in that particular opportunity. This is becoming more and more of a problem because there are now too many of these “make money” opportunities and too few people chasing them.


success in affiliate marketingSo whats the solution to this growing problem and how do we set ourselves up for long term success in affiliate marketing?


Back to that question in just a minute…


Did you know that only 1% of the money being spent on the internet on a daily basis comes from people purchasing products and opportunities in the “home based business” or “make money online” space? Its still an enormous number, but factor in millions of people in the space and new “make money” programs popping up every single day and you can see that there are a ton of marketers and affiliate marketing programs fighting for just that 1% of the entire pie. This leaves you to only market in one tiny world of business opportunity seekers where there is massive competition and advertising costs are going through the roof…


On top of that, think about the fact that most of these affiliate marketing programs online, that are in the “make money world,” rely solely on email marketing to reach prospects, a communication medium that is becoming less and less effective.


Let me explain….


Email deliverability, email open rates and email engagement rates are falling off a cliff right now… FASTaffiliate marketing programs


Less of your emails are even arriving.


Less of your emails are even being opened.


Very few are engaged because the great majority today only skim emails because they get hundreds per day


Email open rates down from 40% is 2004 to less than 10% in 2013.


80% of emails are now being marked as spam.. Even if they’re not spam!


Its another HUGE, growing problem that is making it harder and harder for the average person to have success in affiliate marketing.


So whats the solution? How do we combat these problems to set ourselves up for profitability and success in both the short-term and the long term?


Best Affiliate Marketing Programs


YES, Show me the Solution


The best affiliate marketing programs today are ones who’s products do, in fact, translate to the “real world.”


Products and services that people would happily pay for regardless of if there were a “make money online,” aspect to them. Products and services that people would gladly pay for even if it didn’t mean “missing out” on the possibility of future commissions.


Imagine an affiliate marketing program in an already billion dollar industry, where spending is expected to double every year between now and 2016?


In a moment I’m going to introduce you to a mobile marketing system that gets invested in by business owners and entrepreneurs every single day who could care less about having the opportunity to make money promoting it… They are investing in it simply because they want to build their mobile presence.


This is a program that will enhance and compliment your internet marketing efforts because it will allow you to reach customers via their mobile phones…. And, since the product do in fact translate to the real world, it will lead to a much more stable and reliable online income.


So if you want to follow the masses in the home business world and keep chasing the latest and greatest online money making opportunity…. And cross your fingers that you don’t lose all your customers when the “next big thing” comes around, by all means keep doing what you’re doing.


But if you want to build a more profitable, stable, safe and secure income stream in the world of affiliate marketing Click Here Now and watch this brief presentation to discover how.


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