Adam Chandler's 35th Birthday Weekend Special

This Weekend Only! Valid Through Sunday, July 24th @ Midnight PST

Turn Your Business Into An Automated Cash-Machine - Deep Discounts on My Best Products - This Weekend Only!

Welcome to my 35th Birthday Weekend Special

Read this page to get specific instructions for accessing my best products at insane discounts of up to 65% off so you can spend my birthday weekend with me, becoming a marketing and profit producing bad ass and turn your home business into an automated cash-machine!


Birthday Special #1 - The Mile High Mastermind Recordings and Resources


In January of 2016 I hosted a very exclusive live mastermind in Denver, Colorado where our students invested up to $1,000 to attend. We hired a professional video crew to film the event so that you can get all the value from this private mastermind from the comfort of your home. At the event we completely reverse engineered the process of making money online starting with - Customers for Life - Best selling author Pam Hermann discusses how to maximize profits by improving customer retention - This is the real key to long term residual income in business - Influence Principles and Sales Funnel Conversions - I share 6 profit producing principles and how to apply them to become 10X more influential with your audience, subscribers and prospects - Creating Your Irresistible Offer - Justice Eagan shares how to create your irresistible offer or “lead magnet” to attract prospects right into your marketing pipeline and sales funnel - Twitter and Instagram Rapid Audience Building and lead Generation - I share my daily routine for attracting thousands of new followers on Twitter and Instagram and turning them into 33+ leads per day for your business - Facebook mobile leads - Lead generation rockstar Mark Harbert shares how to use Facebook’s new “Mobile Leads” strategy to capture a ton of traffic and leads dirt cheap - We also covered never before seen training on time management, developing your entrepreneurial mindset and online branding

Watch the video for all the details of what you get with the Mile High Mastermind Recordings and Resources


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Birthday Special #2 - List Leverage Email Profits


List Leverage Email Profits Gives You Step-By-Step Instructions and Customizable Templates for Instantly 10X’ing Your Sales Conversions and Automating Profits in Your Business with Email Marketing

Access Proven Customizable Email Campaign Templates That…

- Get Your Email Subscribers to Know, Like and Trust You and View You As An Authority From Day One so They Become Raving Fans and Loyal Subscribers and Team Members

- The 5 Day Follow Up Series Designed to Turn New Leads Into New Sales and Signups In Your Business on Complete Automation

- 2 Back to Back Campaigns for Turning Your Existing Email List Into A Pool of Excited Buyers for Any New Offer

- A 10 Part Series Designed to Turn Old Inactive Email Subscribers Into ReEngaged, Attentive Prospects Who Read Your Emails and View Your Sales Offers

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Birthday Weekend Special #3 - List Leverage 2.0


List Leverage 2.0 is your uncommon guide to rapid list growth, automated sales and head-turning results in your home business. This 7 module video training series includes how to get daily traffic and leads using

-Facebook Ads
-Twitter Ads
-Content Marketing
-Social Media Marketing
-Solo Ads
-Media Buys
-Search Engine Ads

Plus training on creating your marketing game plan, making profits in your business both predictable and scalable, automating your follow up & sales conversions and 9 killer profit-pumping bonuses

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