A Simple Mobile App for 10X’ing Sales Conversions by Simplifying the Follow Up Process

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6 months ago if you told me there was a mobile app that any network marketer could use to 10X sales conversions by simplifying the process of following up with prospects, I would have quickly dismissed the idea….

Then.… Something happened that completely blew my mind!

I met a guy named ER (kind of a weird name right?)

Who told me he created a ridiculously simple tool that even my grandmother could use to promote a network marketing business….

WITHOUT having to be a technical genius

WITHOUT having to invest in some expensive online marketing system that leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed

And WITHOUT spamming links and pictures of your products around social media and repelling quality prospects the way so many home business owners do!

I was skeptical at first, but I was also seriously intrigued to learn more….

ER went on to tell me that while a whopping 80% of sales are made between the 5th and twelfth follow up….

BUT! ONLY 10% of marketers and sales professionals make more than 3 follow up attempts

And 48% NEVER follow up with prospects!

Talk about wasting time and leaving money on the table right?

Imagine meeting a prospect at a networking event….

You share a bit about your products and your exciting new business and they express an interest in learning more….

Rather than giving them a standard business card

That will most likely end up in some shoe box or what I call “BUSINESS CARD HELL”….

Instead you capture their contact info on your new mobile app (even scanning their business card into your contacts if they hand you one)….

And you send them a beautiful digital card via text message

Complete with all your contact info, a picture or even a welcome video from you, links to connect with you on social media….

And even a direct link to your website so they can learn more about your products or opportunity!

What if you were even able to set up a follow up reminder, or get an automated notification to your phone that lets you know when they viewed it?

Talk about a lasting first impression!

Now imagine doing the same thing when you meet new people on Facebook or Instagram….

While 99% of home business owners are spamming links directly to their website or pictures of their products…. Trust me this does not work and makes you look like a total rookie!

You immediately stand out from the crowd by sending them a link to your beautiful digital card!

Imagine being able to easily create and send different cards based on different aspects of your business or different situations….

Imagine having one card to send to prospects interested specifically in your products….

And another to send to prospects interested in your business opportunity….

And another that just says: “Hey it was great to meet you! Here’s my card, let’s connect again soon!”

You know as well as I do that success in home business (or ANY business for that matter) is about building successful relationships!

Imagine being able to build better relationships smarter.… more effectively AND efficiently by leveraging a simple mobile app

Which will lead to….

More time! And a more effective use of your business building time

Making more sales and sponsoring more reps

And finally attaining the freedom and leverage that you started your business for in the first place!

Well now you can…. Click here to discover how this simple app can put you and your team on the fast track to success!

==>> http://MeetAdamChandler.com/App

What I’m sharing with you here is nothing short of a simple way to leverage technology and “mobile marketing” that ANY Network Marketer….

Regardless of credibility, experience or technical know how…. could all of a sudden use to shortcut themselves to massive recruiting results!

Watch this brief video to learn more about how this simple mobile app can help you:

Share your message

Build profitable relationships

And grow your business with more speed pleasure and ease

Watch the exciting video here

==>> http://MeetAdamChandler.com/App

You’ll even see a testimonial on the page of how this app has helped me build my own business….

Check it out and I’ll see you on there!

To your success!


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