7-Step Guerrilla Marketing Plan – PDF Guide [Free Stuff Friday]

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free stuff Friday 2xHey there and welcome to another Free Stuff Friday!

Where every Friday I give away some of my best resources for turning you into a marketing, and profit-pulling powerhouse!

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All for Free Stuff Friday ; )

By the way I realize that by publishing this on my blog that you may not be reading it on Friday and thats OK.

If you’ve been following my content a while you know that I’m big on having a “game plan” for building your business.

You could have all the traffic and lead-gen courses and systems out there…

But without a plan to execute, you most likely won’t get very far and you’ll probably fall victim to a world of distractions and this perpetual hamster wheel that 98% of home biz owners find themselves on.

You know about the home biz hamster wheel right?

Let me explain…

When you have no focus and no plan you are at the mercy of a bunch of ‘ethically questionable’ marketers who are trying to make you doubt whatever it is you are doing so that you’ll constantly buy the latest, greatest, tool, system and opportunity

Yesterday one of my coaching clients asked me if she needed to buy XYZ marketing system that I had never even heard of…

I told her HELL NO! 

She already has a marketing system and a business opportunity.

The last thing she needs is another “thing” – something new for her to spend time learning and setting up…

….So she can continually get ready to get ready… And never actually execute the income producing activities that will bring her financial results!!

Does this situation sound familiar?

Because if you are like the vast majority of struggling marketers this is the exact problem that’s keeping you broke! 

Luckily for her, she now has me to help her with a game plan and keep her on track….

….As well as my 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge Coaching Club for training, focus and accountability.

Okay I’m done with my little rant…

Lets get back to Free Stuff Friday!

This weeks FSF giveaway is by Alex Mandossian. Its a…

7-Step Action Plan – PDF Guide

“How to Write a 7-Step Guerrilla Marketing Plan That Converts Your Suspects Into Raving Fans” 

If you’ve never heard of Alex he is one of the top direct marketers that I know of.

I recently learned that he went from making 68K per year in a corporate job….

….To making 68K per month as an entrepreneur and then he took his 68K monthly income and turned that into an hourly income – making 68K in an hour on 16 different occasions. 

Anyone who does that is what we call a marketing stud!

He’s also the originator of one of my favorite affirmations that I learned about from Mark Hoverson that goes like this…

“I allow myself to create the most money with the least amount of human effort and zero guilt” 

Honestly, not everything in this PDF is going to be completely relevant to your specific business but reading it will help you create a plan – and it will help you transition into a more effective, profitable marketer – guaranteed!

Here’s how you can access the PDF

Simply email Support@MeetAdamChandler.com and request a copy of the PDF.

Include a sentence or two about why you are committed to becoming a better marketer and entrepreneur

And either myself or my assistant Melissa will email you a copy of the exciting PDF Guide.

Have an awesome weekend and stay tuned for next week’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway!

Adam Chandler

“Giving you cool free stuff for  turning you into a marketing and profit pulling powerhouse every Friday” 

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