How I got a 7-figure internet marketer to write traffic producing blog posts for me… for free!

Want to know a really cool way to shortcut your success in internet marketing?

Get internet millionaires to write content for you…. Seriously!

Sounds just crazy enough to work right?

I’m serious. This is real. Even if you don’t actually know any Internet millionaires…

Fortunately for you I know some of the best… and I’m about to totally hook you up!

300logo-1Welcome to my 301st blog post….. (i’m kind of a big deal)

Which is about how I get a 10 year internet marketing veteran and 7-figure producer to write traffic and lead generating content for me, completely for free… And how you can too!

Let me explain…

First take a minute and read my 300th blog post that was written for my by a 7-figure internet marketer entitled,

A Money Making Combo That Will Not Be Seen Again

Did you read it?

Seriously… If you didn’t read it yet go do that now. If nothing else just to learn how someone who’s made millions online writes content.. ya know?

Okay here’s how I did it…

Last summer I opened an email buy a guy named Andrew Cass, who was already a 7-figure earner in the direct sales company that I got started with online back in 2008.

So he’s been in the game a long time… Much longer than me for sure.

His email got my attention because he was talking about email marketing and how its getting harder and harder for internet marketers to reach and engage with prospects using email marketing alone…

He was saying that because of this, smart business owners should star building their mobile list as well.

Simply because its a much more effective medium for reaching and engaging prospects.

It really got my attention because I had been noticing that email marketing was getting harder and harder for me personally…. And that I either had to adapt fast or risk facing some serious issues in my own business.

He actually wrote me another post about this very topic that you can read right here, entitled,

Refuse To Adjust To This, and You Will Be Swallowed

Cool headlines right? He didn’t get to 7-figures online by being bad at copywriting lol…

Anyway…. So I joined the mobile marketing system that he had been suggesting simply because I wanted to stay on the cutting edge and be able to better reach my prospects and customers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I saw that this mobile system had a very lucrative affiliate opportunity attached to it that Andrew had created..

Remember, not only did this guy study countless other systems to find what works and what doesn’t work in todays home business world, but he also made a fortune himself in the world of affiliate marketing and direct sales.

Check out the lucrative system he created and learn how you can use it to make $7,435 per month faster than anything I’ve ever seen… Right Here

So I plugged into his system and later found out that he incorporated 2 “done for you” content resources… Which is huge for effectively marketing online, especially if your short on time… Or simply because you don’t want to sit around creating content all day.

The first resource is the “content bank” which consists of over a thousand done for you articles and social media posts on topics ranging from internet marketing and social media, to health nutrition and parenting. The content bank is a huge time savor and comes free with your membership to the mobile system.

done-for-you-resourcesThe second “done for you resource” is what I’ve been talking about in this article…

A weekly article (and an archive or articles) written by Andrew himself, where he writes it, and you publish it, to drive your own traffic and leads.

Pretty cool right?

The best part is, you can do this too to make money online yourself when your a member of the system…

Is that an unfair advantage for you or what?

Its time you start stacking the deck in your favor….

Click Here Right Now to discover the system, give yourself a major leg up over the majority of other marketers and get to $7435 per month at breakneck speed!

Until next time…


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