6 Tips To Help You Get To 6-Figures In Network Marketing

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Have you ever made 6-figures in your business in a calendar year? 

If so you probably want to go find a blog post talking about how to make 7-figures, lol…

But for those of you who have never created a 6-figure income in your business, your going to want to pay very close attention to these insights if getting to 6 figures in your business is a goal of yours. And it certainly doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of people out there who are completely content making a few hundred extra dollars a month. I’ve actually heard that 90% of families who’s homes are in foreclosure could avoid being foreclosed on with an extra $300 a month. JUST $300 a month! If an extra $300 a month is your goal I can certainly help with that too ; )

6-figures in network marketingThe following 6 insights are guaranteed to help you on your way to 6-figures in network marketing. 


You will straight-up not create substantial income results constantly switching from one company to the next the way the masses of confused networkers do. Your resolve will be tested! Things will come along with the promise of easier, faster and better. But because you committed to doing that one thing until you reach your desired outcome you will stick to your guns. And you will be greatly rewarded in the long run for doing so.


Its the same idea as the “pick a horse” principle. You can’t expect to see results if your constantly switching from one marketing strategy to the next, hoping this one will finally work and bring you results you want. I think it was Brian Tracy who said its not the “HOW TO” that matters. Its how you do the HOW TO. If you want to pursue a marketing or business building strategy and others are using it to produce results and its not working for you, its not because your unlucky, or that thing just didn’t work for you. Its because you are not putting in the proper time and focused work on learning that one thing. Probably because you are distracted. Check out this post I wrote on handling overwhelm if that is lack of focus is costing you time and money the way it does for most.


You don’t need to see the entire staircase in order to take the first step. This is a famous statement by Martin Luthor King on the importance of beginning and taking action. When I was getting started doing video marketing I made a ton of videos. Most of them were not very good. Most of them did not produce any results. But thats OK because I was taking so much action and producing so many videos that I knew I would have one or two that produced for me. What was the result? I had a few videos (out of the hundreds that I created) that produced hundreds of leads and sales for me and one specifically that attracted a guy who went on to make me over $40,000 in second tier commissions from his organization alone. So it wasn’t about learning some secret to making that one perfect video that converts but instead taking SO MUCH ACTION that sooner or later you will find one or two that produce the lions share of your results.


Congratulations you are in business for yourself! Maybe you should start acting like it! If your dead serious about using this industry to change your financial results than you must start thinking and acting differently than you do now. That is if you are not too happy with the results you are seeing now in your life. I adopted the mentality very early on in my entrepreneurial career that if I didn’t like the results I was seeing in my life that I had to change my way of thinking and become open minded to the ideas of people who did have the results I wanted. Who is the number one income earner in your company right now? Do you think they cheap out when it comes to their education and learning new skills? If you are attempting to transition from employee to entrepreneur understand this. Employees think in terms of cost. Entrepreneurs think in terms of ROI, (return on investment). So they will do whatever is necessary to get the money for the education they require. Whereas the majority will say, “Oh I can’t afford that.” And because that is their mantra, they will continue to not be able to afford things they know can help them take the next step in their business. Click here now for what is possibly the most cost-effective training and my most valuable resource for hitting my first 6-figure year in 2011.

Funny but relevant story: “In 2008 when I was in my first year in my business I needed money for marketing and education. I was leasing my vehicle so I couldn’t sell it but if I could have I would have. There was actually a time when I considered selling the tires off my truck just so I could afford to put more money into marketing.”


Absolutely vital to your growth and resolve in this business. My first sponsor in the industry once told me, when I was about 6 months into my business and getting ZERO financial results that if I did not attend my companies next event that I should “throw in the towel.” Although I thought this was extremely harsh at the time and thought he was a total jerk for saying it, it helped me to understand the importance of getting to the event for my own education and resolve. Upon returning from the event I had my first $1,000 week!


This piggy-backs off of getting to the events perfectly! If you want to achieve something that you’ve not only never experienced and that no-one in your circle of influence has ever experienced you have to find creative ways to get around the people who have achieved it. Getting to live events in one of the best ways to do so. Thanks to the internet you can also do this by attending training calls both live and recorded and buying information products. If your marketing system has daily morning wake up calls like mine does than you should attend those regularly.

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