5 Powerful Marketing Principles and How to Apply them in your Business

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I hosted a training last night for paid members of my online marketing system that was received with a great deal of excitement. In the training I discussed how to adopt a success mindset as well as inoculations which I feel are extremely important for setting expectations with your new team members. Basically telling them all the bad things that can be viewed as extremely frustrating and take most marketers right out of the game. Telling them the bad things upfront will help them to deal with them when they arise and view them as stepping stones on the way to success. I also went into 5 powerful marketing principles that I’ve learned to be extremely effective in increasing your sales, your organization and your bottom line.


The following 5 marketing principles are extremely powerful and have been proven in the internet network marketing space as well as across many other industries  get people to take action.


#1 – The Law of Reciprocity


The law of reciprocity states that its human nature to wish to repay, in kind, what another person has provided for us. Here are some ways to apply the law of reciprocity to your business.

  • Always lead with value. Give something away for free in return for a small commitment from your prospects like giving you their contact information. This is the beginning of the sales “funnel” which then leads into slightly larger commitments from the prospect like buying a low cost educational product or system. 
  • How can you go above and beyond what others in your industry are doing? How can you stand out from the crowd and provide more value than everyone else is?
  • Create training on something you know as a “foot in the door” promote it then use it to sell some higher priced product or training of higher value
  • Can you create a ebook, video series, webinar or google hangout giving tips, training etc? Something that gives value and simultaneously postions you as the authority


5-powerful-marketing-principles #2 – Authority


People buy not only from people they know like and trust but from those they view as the “authority” on the subject. In fact, demonstrating authority is one of the most effective ways of building trust with your prospects. Here are some ways of demonstrating your authority with your prospects

  • If you host webinars, hangouts, team trainings etc. you will be perceived as a leader and authority, period. This is one of the best ways to demonstrate authority with your prospects 
  • Creating your own products help you to stand out from the masses and automatically put you into an authority role
  • Create a bootcamp for your prospects


#3 – Liking


  • People do business with people they like, people like people who are “like them.” Relate to your prospects by telling stories of your struggles frustrations and pain
  • Rapport build with your prospects by being interested in them. Share commonalities. When prospecting use the F.O.R.M method. Ask questions about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message as a way to build rapport and trust with your prospects.
  • One way to do this with social media is to be engaging. You do this by polling your audience and asking questions. Let your personality shine through. People like people who make them smile and laugh. Be entertaining!


#4 – Urgency/Scarcity


We see this all the time in our niche as well as in all kinds of sales and marketing tactics and campaigns. Only 25 available! Order now and receive a 30% discount. Limited time only. Fast action bonus. and so on and so on. Here are some ways to apply urgency and scarcity in your own business.

  • Do a launch and giveaway trainings you’ve done, resources you’ve found helpful and coaching bonuses limited to X number of people only “scarcity.” Maybe you include a “fast action bonus” for people who take action by midnight tonight for urgency. 
  • When your company does a promotion – promote the heck out of the urgency of it! When we launched the 100 day biz builder challenge we created a situation of urgency where people had to buy mastery in order to take part in the 100 day coaching and accountability program.


social-proof1#5 – Social Proof


Extremely powerful marketing principle that leverages a “herd mentality.” Basically when we human beings see other human beings doing something we are WAY more likely to want to do it ourselves. When a crowd gathers it is in our nature to want to move towards that crowd and see what everyone is crowding around for. This works extremely well in sales and marketing. Here are some ways to implement “social proof” in your business.

  • Ask for testimonials from your peers
  • When prospecting, tell stories about people who have had success with the system/your business/your product
  • On social media sites like facebook make posts that tell stories  about people who are getting results. You can and should be doing this with your email list as well if you have one. If you don’t have one see below to discover how I generated over 12,000 leads and built my subscriber list and business online


To learn more about these 5 principles as well as other powerful marketing concepts check out the book Influence by Robert Caldini


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