5 Marketing Strategies I Used to Go from ZERO to 100K in Just 7 Months with My New Online Biz

2017 has been an interesting year full of new experiences

I visited Yosemite National Park for the first time as part of a long term “Lifestyle Goal” to camp and hike in all the beautiful national parks in the US. So far I’ve hit Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Yosemite and Rocky Mountain. Next on my list is Glacier and Tahoe.

My trip to Chicago for a $15,000 Mastermind event was the first time visiting that incredibly robust city which included my first ever pro football game (Bears Vs. Stealers)

My new direct sales company, that I started in January honored me with 2 leadership awards as well as a $2,000 cash bonus at the Miami event. Oh yeah it was my first time visiting Miami as well!  At that event I made $28,000 in commissions which allowed me to cross the 100K in commissions mark in month 7 with that system.

There really is no faster way to replace (or create) a 6-figure income in home business than a high ticket event based funded proposal system thats led by marketers who are OBSESSED with constantly improving the conversions and economics of the system.

All of this was made possible by learning and aggressively implementing This Exciting New Online Marketing Formula and System that converts sales and creates insane profits like nothing i’ve seen in my 9 years of building direct sales and online systems. Seriously it makes my last marketing system (and the money I was making with it) look like a little fucking tug boat compared to a massive cruise liner.

Before I get into the exact marketing strategies I used to make this happen I have to warn you

WARNING: Using high leveraged paid marketing strategies like Facebook ads without a strong focus on the Conversions and Economics of your business and YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!

99% of businesses and marketing systems in the home business world do not convert with passive marketing strategies like these and require you to prospect strangers on social media all day long to make any money. I don’t know about you but that is NOT the kind of business I want to operate!

That is why it is VITAL to your success with passive online marketing strategies like these to use a system like ours that has a strong focus on conversions on the front and back-end and creates enough commissions to cover your advertising costs as well as a healthy profit.

Here are the exact 5 strategies I used to go from ZERO to 100K in commissions in just 7 months with my new online biz

1 – Facebook Ads


This strategy is responsible for 80% of my Traffic and Leads. Facebook’s ad platform does change their rules often, which means its important that you don’t completely rely on this as your only source of traffic and leads. Remember 1 is the most dangerous number in business. However there is simply no denying the sheer reach and targeting potential of this social media behemoth. The trick to getting results with Facebook ads (just like the trick to success in any business) is focusing on building and cultivating ASSETS! Which on Facebooks ad platform means growing your fan page audience and other “custom audiences” that know, like and trust you. As well as testing multiple different ad creatives, images and audiences until you have a winner. This takes patience and a commitment to learning the skill of Facebook ads and playing “the long game.” If you play the “lets give this a try and see how it works game,” Facebook ads is not the strategy for you!


2 – Social Media Marketing


Although Facebook ads does fall under the umbrella of social media marketing, Facebook ads is a paid strategy and when I refer to social media marketing I’m talking about free strategies to drive traffic and leads for your business leveraging sites like posting Free Live videos to my Facebook fan page as well as promoting with Twitter, and Instagram. Check out my page at Facebook.com/MeetAdamChandler to see some of my videos and my other Free content I post there.


3 – Content Marketing


Just like social media marketing, this is another free strategy for driving quality traffic and leads for your business. In fact, by doing a combination of social media marketing and content marketing I was able to go full-time in my first year in home business, before I had any budget for paid advertising. There are a lot of marketers who do content marketing like blogging and video marketing unsuccessfully because they often overcomplicate it and they are not focused on building their audience, so no one sees their content. Success with content marketing is more about getting the right eyeballs on your content than it is just creating valuable content, like some will lead you to believe. I teach content marketing in a simple way that doesn’t require any technical knowhow and takes very little time to implement.


4 – Solo Ads


Solo ads is one of those strategies that has not changed very much in the past 5-10 years. This strategy is by far the fastest and easiest way for anyone to start getting traffic and leads online regardless of experience. I call this the OPL method because you are leveraging “other peoples lists”, or “other peoples leads.”  The trick to “winning” with solo ads is testing lots of solo vendors. Which means you will probably have to lose some money before you start making money with this strategy. If you can’t stomach the idea of that than you might want to find a low cost MLM and start prospecting strangers all day on social media. If thats the case I am NOT your guy!


5 – Broadcasts to my email list


Without an email list you have nothing. There I said it. If you want to build your business online and your not putting a major emphasis on building your email list, you are living in a fantasy world! Come back to reality and start doing what every top marketer that you know is doing. The cool thing about building this asset, the only “real” asset that you own if your building a home business online, is that its traffic that you “own.” Build the asset once and you can get traffic over and over and over again.


This exciting new formula and system was responsible for a major, profitable shift I made in my business this year and we are just getting started!

But don’t do it if you are not ready to learn real leveraged marketing strategies and plug into a community that will not allow you to continue playing small!

Until next time


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