5 Keys to Success in Network Marketing

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A couple months back I hosted an audio training called 5 Keys to success in network marketing for paying members of my mlmbizbuildersacademy.com online lead generation system.


Some of the members that were on the live broadcast said that the audio helped them gain clarity on what it really takes to have success in network marketing. 


One reason online marketing is a tricky dick industry is because some people actually profit from taking simple concepts and strategies and making them complicated. I take pride in the fact that I take complicated information and make it simple and easy to understand and implement.


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How to Have Success in Network Marketing


One important thing to keep in mind is that even though these 5 keys –  how to have success in network marketing are simple the are certainly not easy.


Its really a matter of your own perception… If you think that committing to a process of building and developing profitable business skills and important LIFE skills – is a difficult grind then your gonna have a bad time!


That was a subtle little pop culture reference if any of you got it please leave me a comment below : )


However, if you have a deep desire to improve your life situation and you poses a thirst for knowledge about how to create profits and how to have success in network marketing you will find doing these 5 things challenging as well as rewarding and fun!


Success Tips In Network Marketing


Key #1 – Attend all training calls and wake up calls  


If you are involved in a network marketing company you most likely have access to motivational call and training calls provided by your team leaders or the  company itself. If you have a online marketing training system and community like this one that I use to build my business and get top notch training you have access to daily morning wake up calls as well as killer content!


In fact my 5 keys to success in network marketing free audio training is a recording of one of those daily morning wake up calls.



Key #2 – Personal Development Daily


Ask any top income earner in your company or your marketing system and they will tell you that they put daily attention on their own growth as a human being through personal development. Building a network marketing business will challenge every insecurity you’ve ever had in your entire life. So the only way to have success in network marketing is to constantly working on your skill development and your personal development. There’s a direct correlation between how much money you make and the amount of value you deliver to the marketplace. Commit to the process of Increasing your own personal value and your income will increase as a result.



Key #3 – Expose Regularly


To have success in network marketing you have to regularly speak to people and expose people to third party information about your products and opportunity. What are third party tools? websites, videos, DVD’s or anything other professionally designed marketing material that does the explaining so you don’t have to! Your job is to expose, then follow up to see if the information resonated with them. If it didn’t wish them well and move on to the next person. If it did sign them up!


Key #4 – Attend All Live Events! 


You have to make it a point to attend as many of your company events, industry events as you possibly can. This is one are I’ve done very will with in my almost 5 year network marketing career. My first event helped me build belief that the industry was real and that I could become successful. Other events I’ve met mastermind partners, mentors, team members gained tremendous knowledge and met some really cool people just from making it a point to as many live events as I possibly could. Its an investment in your business. Don’t make the costly mistake of avoiding them or making excuses as to why you can’t attend!


Key #5 – Attack Your Goals with the tenacity of a lunatic


Set clear well defined goals and attack them like your life and your family’s life depends on it!


This is how we build massively profitable businesses in the 21st century. This is how to have success in network marketing! Write these 5 keys down. Study them. Commit to doing them regularly and your results will absolutely compound with time.


Here are some free resources I recommend. First, if you liked and found value in this post please leave me a comment below and share these insights with your friends on facebook. Also you’ll probably really enjoy checking out my other blog post on online network marketing. as well as Eric Worre’s network marketing pro website.


If you want more high quality leads to talk to about your exciting products and opportunity my mlm biz builder academy is a 1 stop shop for all your marketing training and lead generation needs!


Give yourself enough time to succeed!


It can be a challenging road at times but it will be well worth the struggle when you step into the vision that you’ve created for the way you want to live your life!


And myself as well as many others are here to help you on that exciting journey!


Adam Chandler

“To The Top”






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