5 Core Actions of Highly Effective Network Marketers

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Why don’t more network marketers take these actions?

Its 100% proven that these 5 actions will lead to bigger better results in a shorter period of time.. They are easy to do. In the same breath I will tell you that they are even easier NOT to do.

So maybe thats the problem?

More network marketers don’t do these things because most network marketers are not committed enough to their own success to do them. Either because their belief in themselves are not their YET, or because of fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change or any other fear that cripples people from even taking the first steps towards getting what they want in life.

Go ahead and, after reviewing this content, ask any successful network marketer that you know, either a top producer in your company or maybe in a marketing system/community that you belong to, and I guarantee that every single one of them has done at least 4 out of these 5 things consistently, and most will admit to doing 5 out of 5.

Here’s the deal…

Because I know that some people like to consume information by reading and others prefer to listen I’ve given you the option…

You can either listen to my audio recording of these 5 core actions of highly effective network marketers, or, you can read the text below.

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Here they are listed out…

The 5 core actions of highly effective network marketers

5 core actions of highly effective network marketers1.) Attend all training calls and wake up calls, as often as possible. This is vital, especially in the beginning. When you become more seasoned as a marketer you can determine what trainings will be most relavent to your growth and education.

2.) Personal development DAILY! I used to think that getting results was maybe 10% mindset and 90% how-to and I see countless marketers making this mistake. “just tell me how-to do it and I’ll do it.” I now believe its more like 90% mindset and maybe 10% how-to. The mechanics definitely play a vital role but if you don’t have your head in the right place, you will never take the appropriate actions consistently and therefor never achieve the results, period!

3.) ATTEND ALL LIVE EVENTS. This is absolutely vital to your belief level in the industry. Why? because you get a chance to meet the people who are making it happen and you realize that they are not much different from you, other than the fact that they took some different actions. It is exciting to see your team members results skyrocket after attending a major event so promote events to your team and watch your residual organization explode!

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4.) Expose people to your product/service/opportunity DAILY! This is a business of EXPOSURES. Expose a lot of people to your business and make a lot of money. Expose some people and make some money. Expose zero people and guess how much money you’ll make? That’s right, ZERO MONEYS.

5.) All out massive action! Attack your goals with the obsession of a lunatic! You’ll get no where in this game (or anything in life thats worth doing), by just sticking your big toe in the water to “test it out.” You have to go all in. One of the first things I learned when I started my first network marketing company 4 years ago is that you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills. That was refreshing to me as I possessed very few skills at the time. So go all in and treat this business like the real profit producing, potentially million dollar enterprise that it is!

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Adam Chandler

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