4 Tips For Improving Your Home Business Results While Maintaining Your Sanity

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Ever feel like your just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere in your business?

If so, these 4 tips will help…



I took this picture of a slide presentation at a recent marketing event I attended in Las Vegas…

The very successful entrepreneur who shared this… I think his name was Mario….

He was sharing what had made the biggest difference on his own journey to marketing and entrepreneurial success…

These are the 4 tips he shared…

I’ll break down each one of them and share why you should make each area a focus of consistent improvement…

Doing so will help you to create the skills, habits and results of top producing entrepreneurs…

  • Massive Imperfect Action

Imperfect Action is ALWAYS Better Than Perfect Inaction… You have to take action regardless of weather or not you have it all figured out yet. You have to work with the resources that you have available. Massive imperfect action means you move forward with conviction and abandon weather you feel like you are ready to or not. This is how you have to operate if you want to win as an entrepreneur.

  • Work Hard Only Once

You have to work hard to become successful of course, but don’t create a situation where you have to repeat work over and over again. Begin to set up systems and infrastructure that will allow you to leverage your time and will not require your constant presence and attention to function. Ask yourself, how can I phase myself out of this situation? This is how top performing entrepreneurs think.

  • Deadlines & Accountability

When you work at a job you are told when to show up, when to take a break, when to go home and when to take time off. Have you discovered that no one tells you any of those things when you are self employed? Which means you have to do that job for yourself. Many people love the IDEA of being their own boss, but do a terrible job managing themselves as their own boss. Here’s how you do it. Set deadlines. Create start times and finish times for every activity so they don’t drag out throughout the day and enroll people into your corner to hold you accountable to your growth, results and success in business.

  • Look Back

As high achievers we are constantly moving forward and jumping from one goal to the next. We take on one new project after another and we are constantly striving for the next big result. But it’s important as we strive for more that we stop to look back and appreciate what we’ve achieved up to this point. Reward ourselves along the way and celebrate the victories, regardless of how small or insignificant we may think they are.

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