4 Days in Cancun with 7-Figure Marketers of Present and Future

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4 days in cancunThe first ever MLSP private mastermind retreat in Cancun recently came to an end. I was one of about 25 people in attendance and I don’t believe there was a single person who did not leave the event the same person they were when they arrived. In attendance were the 3 creators of MyLeadSystemPRO as well as the corporate team, the executive mastermind team which includes myself and 4 other top producers in the system as well as about 15 members who paid handsomely to be there. Ask any of the members who paid $4,000 to attend the event (not including airfare) and I’m sure they’d tell you it was worth every penny. This post is about sharing some of the value and experiences I took away from the event but first watch this video for a tour of our 10,000 sq. ft. private villa.


I posted a link to “Live the Dream” on the video and on this post because I realized something that is profound to your growth as an entrepreneur in this industry. The ONLY reason I was able to attend this event for free. Seriously I did not pay for my plane ticket, any of my meals, drinks, it was literally an all expense paid luxury vacation. The ONLY reason I was able to have this experience with no money out of pocket is because I’ve paid to attend several other events like Live the Dream and No Excuses. There were plenty of times when I could not afford to attend marketing events but I did what I had to do to make it happen simply because that is what my successful mentors told me to do. They said it was important and I didn’t argue with them.

The event itself as well as the location was sick. We had a private butler, Manuel, who made sure we always had fresh fruit in between meals and delicious beverages anytime we were thirsty. If you watched the video you saw that we had an endless keg of beer which I tool full advantage of. The luxury, beauty and exclusivity of the event made it truly unique and one that I will never forget. Stay tuned to this blog for more content from the event including my presentation on how to triple your productivity in your business in half the time.

Here are a few of my biggest personal takeaways from the event

1.) Playing small is selfish!

If you are not constantly striving to learn more, to increase your skills, to increase your personal value, to deliver your value to a larger audience you are being selfish! Straight up! This was part of Ray Higdon’s presentation at the event but it was constantly reinforced throughout the event.

Your playing small doesn’t serve anyone! Isn’t it time you stop being so selfish and start playing a bigger game? Not just to improve your own situation but to serve others. Understand that its not just about you! You will get paid in direct proportion to the value you bring to the marketplace and the scale on which you deliver that value. Stop being so selfish and step it up!

2.) Just do more!

Do you want to know a secret? If there was a secret to success in network marketing, home business, internet marketing or anything else it would be this. If you want to get to the top just do more than the other guy is willing to do. It’s great news because the next guy is usually not willing to do very much. Many people will immediately reject this concept because of their existing belief system but it is 100% true. If you just do something as simple as commit fully to your business and persist until you are successful you will have already separated yourself from the masses. Your competition is weak. Trust me I’ve had thousands of prospecting conversations with network marketers and if those conversations have taught me anything its that the majority of people are not willing to do what it takes to succeed. And thats what separates those people from you and me. Isn’t that wonderful news?

Study marketing more, prospect more, create more content, get around leaders more often, attend more events.. If you do these things I promise the “how to” will fall into place and before you know it you’ll be at the top looking down at the masses and you’ll then be able to pass the “secret” on to them.

3.) separate yourself from the masses

You do this by increasing your value and like I said, doing more than the next guy is willing to do. Its also important to determine your USP or unique selling proposition. What makes you unique in the marketplace? What is it about your story that others can identify with. I had a conversation at the retreat with a marketer who was having trouble creating her story. I told her to tell me a bit about herself. She was a single mother who fell in love with the freedom and lifestyle that the MLM industry allows. That became part of her USP. She should be marketing and targeting single moms who want more freedom. She probably would not be able to attract the same type of person that I could attract to my enterprise and visa versa. Everyone has a USP but most are not willing to explore enough to find out what it is.

I hope you had some ahha moments by reading this post and I truly hope you get to enjoy experiences like the MLSP private mastermind retreat in years to come. If you took something of value away from this post please do me a favor and leave me a comment below.

Until next time,

Adam Chandler

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