4-6 Leads A Day Overnight With A Few Simple Tweaks?

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Now when some experienced marketer or guru claims to be getting 70-80 or 100 leads in a day thats impressive right?

But thats the guru.

Is it really possible for a non internet guru to get those kinds of results. Well not really.

Let me explain.

I’m going to share a quick story about Tom and how he was able to pull in 4-6 new leads a day for less than $.75 (thats 75 cents) per lead using paid ads on facebook.

Its really cool because Tom had never done any paid marketing before…

I think back to when I first started learning pay per click back in early 2009. I was ecstatic back then when I was able to get my leads down to $6 or less!

And Tom is getting 75 cent leads even though he’s brand new to paid advertising!

How is this possible?

Its possible because he had guidance… Jordan showed him what he was doing on facebook PPC to get up to 100 leads per day at $.10 (thats 10 cents) per lead.

which the very thought of still makes my mouth water a little bit when I think about it ; )

Now Tom isn’t getting ten cent leads just YET and he’s not getting crazy amounts of leads like 60, 70 or 100 in a day YET but isn’t it cool that with a little guidance from a pro like Jordan he is able to get less than $1 per lead even though he’s never done facebook PPC before!?

And do you think Tom is resting a bit easier knowing that with a few simple tweaks, he is now getting leads every day on autopilot?

You bet he is!

And now you have the opportunity to look over our shoulders and learn exactly what we are doing to drive paid traffic and a ton of leads using both facebook and youtube advertising plattforms. Simple PPC Mastery is phase 2 of our vision for you to explode your traffic and leads along with your sales and sign ups while automating the process because quite simply:

Paid Advertising = Automation

Automation = Leverage

Leverage = Freedom

And thats what we want for you!


Pure and Simple

Isn’t that why you came to the home business world in the first place?

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Talk soon,

Adam Chandler

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