35 Leads in Two Days From TribePRO!

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What the heck is TribePRO?

That’s a question that has gone through the minds of many marketers over the past few days as this revolutionary content syndication tools explodes on the internet marketing scene! And talk about timing! Just as google makes its “google plus one” announcement basically letting us know that google will be ranking websites based on social chatter and social credibility.

Content is still king on the internet! TribePRO is a tool that allows marketers in the “tribe” to share each others content to each others social media audiences and social bookmarking accounts. The amazing features and benefits of tribepro are far too many to list here but feel free to join my inner circle prosperity tribe to take her for a test drive!

This post is not meant to sell you on why you should be using tribepro if you are doing any type of content marketing or using social media to build your business.. Instead I want to share with you some results I got using tribepro when it launched last week through MyLeadSystemPRO.

Basically I generated 35 leads through TribePRO in about two days just from people who wanted to join my tribe.

This is a screen shot of my aweber account from 4/13/11. It shows 20 leads I generated that day. Not all of the leads in this image were generated through tribepro but there were 18 more from this day that couldn’t even fit in the screen shot.

35 Leads in Two Days From TribePRO

The best part is that I had other people who did not have tribes inviting people to join my tribe. They still got the affiliate commission if the person upgraded to the paid membership level but they put themselves on my email list when they joined my tribe.

I’ve literally generated thousand of leads using video marketing, blogging, Pay-Per-Click, social media, ezines and a host of other marketing strategies but do you see what is so cool and unique about this? I’ve never had other people basically generating leads for me simply by introducing other people to tribepro!

Here’s the secret!

You must have your own tribe for this to work and that is a feature of the paid membership level. My good friend and business partner Jordan Schultz hosted last weeks training webinar launching tribepro to the MLSP community. A lot of marketers came into tribepro that night and many marketers promoted tribepro but only a few including myself actually had a tribe to join. So with the frenzy of mlsp members joining the tribe many of them went searching around for tribes to join. Many people joined my tribe and I have my tribe integrated with my aweber account. When new members joined the tribe I give them the option to get a free training if they checked the box that automatically added them to my aweber list.

So I was able to benefit on the hundreds of new people coming into tribepro. However, the opportunity to capitalize on tribepro has really just begun.  Especially since now all the MLSP members are promoting tribepro and all of the new members joining over the next several months and years will need tribes to join.

Click here to join tribepro and I’ll teach you how to leverage the %&*^&# out of this tool and even show you how you can easily create your own tribe if you come in at the PRO membership level!

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