30 Affirmations for Improving Self-Esteem, Developing An Entrepreneur Mindset and Bettering Your Financial Life

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I’ve heard some people say that affirmations to do not work and I think that those people do not fully grasp the power of words. Our words are how we relate to the world around us and your words literally have the power to create or destroy. The following is a compilation of affirmations for improving self esteem, developing an entrepreneur mindset and bettering your financial life.

Some of these affirmations I’ve picked up from transformation expert Jeffery Combs. Some of them I’ve learned in my own journey of entrepreneurial growth and personal development and some I’ve personally created. Find the ones that are the most relevant to you, speak them into existence and watch your world transform before your eyes.

Affirmations for improving self esteem

“I love myself and I deserve to have it all”

“I am lovable and I am good enough”

“I am letting go of guilt and living in the present”

“I am living in my creativity and life is fun”

“I am comfortable with who I am becoming”

Affirmations for Developing an Entrepreneur Mindset

“I am becoming more valuable through the service I am performing in free enterprise”

“I am able to attract synchronistic events to my reality consistently with ease”

“I am the leader that people are looking for”

“I am a leader and a leader grower”

“I am now able to turn time into results, time into money”

Affirmations for creating financial success and improving your relationship with money

“I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me easily and effortlessly in ever increasing quantities on a continuous basis”

“My expanding wealth contributes to the greater good of society and humanity”

“I allow myself to discover the easiest fastest and best ways to make the most money with the least amount of human effort and zero guilt”

Watch this video for the remaining 17 affirmations for improving your financial life and winning the game of money

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