3 Ways To Boost Sales and Profits with SMS and Mobile Marketing

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Here’s the deal…

Right now THE top performing businesses in the world are pouring time, energy and money into getting their Mobile Marketing right.

And as per usual most home business owners and small business owners are playing, “wait and see.” Just like they did with email marketing and social media and all other recent revolutions in marketing, technology and communication.

The problem with waiting until a new technology or trend is accepted and implemented by the masses is just that. By the time everyone else catches on – it becomes super competitive and while there is still money to be made, the lions share of the profits have already been gobbled up by the early adopters. Not good…. Unless of course you are one of the early adopters 🙂

Here are some crazy SMS marketing statistics (AKA text message marketing)

  • SMS marketing campaigns have engagement rates reaching 8 times the level of typical email campaigns
  • The average click through rate (CTR) for a URL in an SMS message is 19%. Compared to 4.2% in emails.
  • The average person received 178 SMS messages per month. Compared to 1,216 emails per month.

SMS and mobile marketing is absolutely the “New Kid On The Block” in the world of digital marketing and if you’re a serious Business Owner, MUST be in this game now, not later…

Mobile Book

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Here are 3 Ways I’m Using Mobile Marketing to Boost Sales and Profits in My Business

1.) Webinar Registration Pages

2015-10-08_0945I’ve added an optional field on my webinar registration pages that give the option to receive reminders about the webinar, via text message. From what I can see in my recent tests, it looks like about 20% of registrants are adding their mobile # to this field when they register. Pretty cool right?

If you’ve ever done webinar marketing you know that getting people to register for a webinar and getting them to actually show up are 2 very different things. I recently had a friend tell me that the only reason she showed up for a webinar that she registered for is because she got a reminder in her mobile phone.

Especially in the home business world, where webinars are very common and your prospects have lots of options for the webinars they attend, it is getting more and more important to stand out from the crowd…. Sending a friendly text message to your registrants 15 minutes before your webinar starts is a great way to boost your attendance rate as well as your sales conversions.

2.) Webinar Replay Pages

Sending out a replay of your webinar can be an extremely effective way to scoop up more sales, especially by the registrants who were unable to attend it live. But here’s the secret to this. Later = never. You have to create a situation of urgency with your webinar replays. Just assume that if you give your prospects an open invitation to watch it sometime in the future, they will never watch it.

Here’s where the SMS marketing comes into play. You set it up so that the webinar replay is only available for a few days after its live. I like to do Thursday webinars and keep the replay live until Sunday night. Sunday during the day I send an SMS message (as well as emails) to the people who registered reminding them that the replay is expiring at midnight.

And what are the long term benefits of doing this?

Only a mobile subscriber list of people who are use to registering for your webinars thats all! (please notice the sarcasm I am conveying here, this is BIG DEAL)

I also send an SMS message to any new buyers of any of my other products for that week. I simply manually enter their info into my mobile marketing system and include them in the text that goes out about the expiring replay.

The first time I did this I sent out the replay to about 100 email subscribers and only 7 text message subscribers. And one of the 7 text subscribers purchased the $297 product I offered on the webinar. Boom!

3.) Staying Front of Mind with Customers

It’s 10 times easier to sell something else to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer right? But you have to have a way to communicate with the customers and stay front of mind with them, because you are obviously not the only person they are doing business with.

And if you think that 100% of your emails are reaching your customers 100% of the time you are living in a fantasy world! I don’t care how good you are at email marketing!

Adding your customer and/or team members to a mobile subscriber list and sending them a new video once per week or even a couple times per month is a great way to keep your customers engaged. This is also a strategy for turning a buyer into into a “multi buyers” and for creating long term customer and team members.

Imagine the kind of glue this could create with your customers and in your team or organization?

I’ll keep you posted as I continue to experiment with mobile marketing and let you know how i’m using mobile and SMS marketing to engage with prospects and customers and boost sales and profits in my business so stay tuned!

In the meantime, get your hands on a free copy of the mCommerce blueprint. A physical book I co-authored with Andrew Cass. The definitive guide to mobile marketing for small business.

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