3 Ways to Automate Social Media Marketing to Create Leverage and Save Time

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If you are anything like me, you got into home business to create time freedom and leverage in your life… Yet 99% of home business owners have ZERO automation in their marketing. If they aren’t actively doing it, nothing happens. Zero leverage. So its like they traded one job for another. Kinda defeats the purpose right?

With every marketing strategy I take on, and with every other aspect of my business for that matter, I ask myself, how can I phase myself OUT of this process. Asking this question consistently has lead me to outsourcing design and technical work, bringing on a personal assistant to handle customer support and testing tools that save me time and do most of the time consuming work for me.

Pretty cool right?

Here are some of the top tools that I’ve discovered that save me the most time and create the most leverage in my social media marketing efforts.

1.) Schedule Your Social Media Posts with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the tool I use to publish all of my content to my Facebook fan page, LinkedIN and Google Plus. I also use this tool to publish content to groups on Facebook and LinkedIN. And because Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posts into the future, you can publish all your posts for an entire week all at one time. You get to set it and forget it. I use to take 30 minutes a day to publish all my content to my Facebook fan page, Google Plus and LinkedIN. Or I would simply neglect my audiences on these platforms for days at a time which makes them unengaged and uninterested. Now, using Hootsuite it takes about 1 hour per week to keep me front of mind with all of my social media audiences, which keeps them engaged and makes them way more likely to pay attention when I make a sales offer to them.

2.) Schedule Twitter Posts with TweetJukeBox

I use to use Hootsuite to schedule my Twitter posts just like I did for my Facebook fan page Google Plus and LinkedIN posts. The big difference with Twitter is that the Twitter newsfeed moves so fast you have to publish A LOT of content to get the attention of your audience and “rise above all the noise” in the Twitter feed. So rather than logging in once a week and scheduling hundreds of posts for that week, I use TweetJukeBox to rotate the same content on a 24/7 cycle. So I have 25 different blog posts that automatically post to my Twitter page once per hour all day every day. I also have 50+ social media success quotes that publish every 15 minutes. This keeps me front of mind with my audience and makes them WAY more likely to click on my sales offers when I make them. TweetJukeBox allows me to post content to my Twitter audience hundreds of times per week without ever even logging in to Twitter.

3.) Automate leads with StatusBrew

StatusBrew is a tool that I use to grow my Twitter audience by hundreds of new followers per day. It also has a feature that automatically sends a direct message to all of my new followers. So I create a welcome message to thank them for following me and offer them a free gift, which sends them to a lead capture page for them to access my “lead-magnet” giveaway.

NOTE: For this to work you need a lot of new followers on a daily basis. Most of them won’t even see your welcome message. Some of them will see it and ignore it. Others will see it and click on it, and an even smaller number will see it, be intrigued to click on your offer and then opt-in to get the giveaway and become a lead. See you only need SOME of the people to take action SOME of the time to attract serious lead-flow on Twitter when you have a tool like StatusBrew to explode the growth of your audience.

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