3 Things You Must Understand About Driving Traffic and Generating Leads Online

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Traffic and leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without these critical elements you have nothing and you end up running a non-profit business from the discomfort of your home.

Not good!

Driving traffic and generating leads online is one of those funny things because if you do it right you can make a fortune online. If you do it wrong, like most do, you can lose your shirt.

I’ve personally been on both sides of this equation. My first online advertising campaign I used a campaign builder tool that created multiple Google Adwords campaigns at the same time. I made the rookie mistake of going WAY to big too fast and I ended up paying the price. My ads got over 900,000 impressions in about 24 hours and I spent about $350 to get a whopping 3 leads.  I wish I could say that was the last costly mistake I made in the paid traffic game, but then again I learned powerful lessons each time I royally screwed up.

Today, i’m happy to report, things are very different. I have my marketing down to such a science, I know that I make, on average, about $16 for every lead I generate. And since my cost per lead (CPL) averages out to about $4 per lead, I realize a 400% return for every lead I generate. Pretty cool right? You won’t see returns like that in the stock market.

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Here are some important lessons I’ve learned about driving traffic and generating leads online. These are things that professional marketers know about driving traffic that amateurs simply don’t. And the ONLY way to win the traffic game is to become a professional. Pay attention because attempting to drive traffic without understanding these things can and will cost you.

1 –  Free Traffic can be the costliest way to go

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There’s really no such thing as free traffic. You are either investing your time or your money. When I started getting profitable results online back in 2009 I was doing a lot of video marketing. Video was the strategy that was originally responsible for my first big breakthroughs in my business. Back then I was making 10-20 videos a week and using a paid tool that cost $100 a month to distribute the content and get top search engine ranking. This was back in the hay-day of youtube when it was downright easy to get top google rankings with youtube videos and drive a ton of targeted search traffic. Even then, I was investing lots of time and some money to get traffic leads and sales. Many of us crushed it back then using that strategy. Video is still an important medium today, but the strategies we use to distribute the content is very different.

Today, people who go the “FREE” route and actually get results spend lots of time building their audience and networking on social media. Which is great if you like talking to strangers all day, many of whom will never buy anything from you. Some people love doing that and they are good at it. I am not one of those people.

I choose to invest in paid advertising, build a list and use a combination of email marketing and content to convert sales. In my opinion (and my 6 years of profitable experience) its a much more leveraged way to go that costs a bit more money and a LOT less time. How much is your time worth to you?

2 – 4 Out of 5 Campaigns Fail, Even For Professional Marketers

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It was a major “ahha moment” for me when I was interviewing a 7 figure marketer and he told me that 80% of his campaigns fail. I was recently on a solo ad training with one of the biggest “traffic guys” in the industry and he said that he goes out looking for solo ads with the expectation that 4 out of 5 of them won’t produce any results. This is something professionals understand that amateurs don’t. The professional will go out and create 10 campaigns expecting to get 2 winners and then scrap the rest. The amateur will create 2 campaigns and then complain about how the strategy doesn’t work. Often the amateur will even go as far as to extract meaning from the situation. They will come to the conclusion that their lack of results means that maybe their not cut out for this “online marketing thing” and they will quit. Or they will pull way back and just pretend to be in business which is more often the case.

3 – Your Capture Page Conversion Will Make Or Break Your Campaign

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There are certain things that I, as a 6 year veteran of free-enterprise assume that most marketers understand. Its human nature to think that everyone thinks the same way you do, which is a very false and sometimes even harmful assumption. For example when I am going out and getting traffic, one of the most critical elements I look at is my landing page conversion. I’ve created pages that have converted as low as 3% and as high as 60%. The point is that I test the page and I look at the conversion because it is critically important.

If your capture page is converting leads at 5% that means that 5 visitors out of 100 are taking the next step in the funnel and opting-in with their email address. If your page converts at 25% it means that 25 out of 100 are taking the next step and becoming a lead. This means that you can get 5 times the results with same amount of traffic. Amateurs often don’t realize this or don’t understand how important it is. So they will send traffic to a “professionally designed” capture page and when it produces few leads they will blame the traffic strategy when in reality it was the capture page that ultimately failed.

Many affiliate systems and online opportunities today will give their members a capture page to promote without doing any testing on it. Even if it produces very low conversions they won’t take it down or alter it.  This leaves the newbie marketer who doesn’t understand things like landing page conversions, to go out and promote a page that might convert at only 5%. This is a recipe for losing money online.

Go out and get at least 100 visitors to your capture page and then look at how many leads it produced. If it produces less than 15% you need to use a different capture page. 15-20% is ok. Not great. You should be looking for 25% or higher and even then you should continue to test new pages and keep striving for better capture page conversions. Its one way to double, even triple your results with the same amount of traffic.

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Onward and upward 🙂

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