3 Simple Steps To Driving Free Traffic and Leads with Social Media

Free Traffic and Leads

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Remember back when people were saying that social media is just a “fad?”

We don’t see too many people saying that anymore do we?


Because they have either changed their minds about it due to the bombardment of social media on society over the past few years or they got wiped out by young wipper-snappers like me who had the courage and the vision to adopt the social phenomena in a big way!

Yet many still resist and they will continue to die a very slow and painful death in business as we head deeper and deeper into the digital age…. Sorry to be so graphic but its true and I want to save you from suffering the same fate!

When I got started in online marketing back in 2008 I was told that if you want to make money online you have to do 3 things….

  1. Build a List

  2. Build a Relationship with That List

  3. Make Sales Offers to That List

Pretty simple right?

Its still very true to this day…

Yet many network marketing companies still teach their reps to avoid the internet as a way to build their teams because network marketing is a “relationship business” and they have it that you can’t build relationships online.  Apparently no one ever told them about step 2 🙂

And maybe that was true back when the internet was used only for email, news and dare I say…. porn.

But in case you haven’t noticed, it has evolved quite a bit since then…. And other social phenomena like online dating and of course social media has proved that to be completely false time and time again…. In this day and age what you don’t know will hurt you and who you choose to follow and listen to will either hurt you or help you….

So we know the 3 steps to making money online right?

I’m sure this blog post was not the first time you’ve ever heard that either…

Well the 3 steps to making money on social media is actually very similar…

Here are the 3 steps to driving free traffic and leads with social media

  1. Build an audience on a social media platform ( I prefer Twitter because it is way less restrictive than sites like Facebook)

  2. Provide value to that audience through relevant problem solving content and audience-engagement (these are the 2 ways to provide value on social media)

  3. Make relevant offers to your audience and give them opportunities to go deeper into “your world.” (When I say “your world” I mean your online sales funnel by capturing them as a lead)

Again pretty simple right?

So at this point you may be asking… How specifically do I build an audience? What do you mean by relevant problem solving content? And how do I make relevant offers to turn them into leads?

Well I’m glad you asked!

Tomorrow night, Wednesday March 2nd at 9pm eastern I’m going to walk you through my exact 15 minute daily Twitter strategy for 17+ free leads per day for your business

You won’t even believe how simple this stuff is….

Get registered right now and I’ll see you tomorrow night for this eye-opening training!

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