3 Reasons I’m Promoting and Using Remarkamobile to Build My Mobile List

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I have a simple question from one business owner to another….


Do you have a strategy for reaching your customers on their mobile phones and a plan to capitalize in our new ‘mobile economy?’


Its totally cool if you don’t. Most entrepreneurs don’t have one,YET….. and thats what makes this opportunity so exciting and lucrative!


Actually, up until about a week ago I didn’t have a strategy for reaching prospects and customers on their mobile devices… But now I do! And it only cost me about $25.


Pretty cool, huh?


I actually just read an article about a company that increased its sales conversions by 386% with a simple ‘text marketing’ campaign.


I’ve been interested in SMS / text marketing for some time now but i only just recently purchased The mCommerce Blueprint and Remarkamobile  for a couple reasons.


576003_513615118677785_1780375007_nReason #1 – It is impossible to deny that your prospects, along with the rest of the world are glued to their mobile phones. Makes sense to reach them where their at right?


Reason #2 – Many early-adopters are already getting rich off of this growing trend while the masses are playing “wait and see” – just like they did with the internet. Mobile marketing is where internet marketing was right around 2006. It was much easier to “make money online” back then because it was new and exciting. The masses hadn’t caught on YET!


Reason #3 – One of my first mentors in the world of “internet marketing” is named Andrew Cass. He was a 7-figure earner back when I was just getting started online. He’s a direct response marketing power-house and he’s very good at recognizing and capitalizing on trends. Watch this video to discover what I mean. One of the reasons I got started with his new mobile marketing affiliate program is because I trust him as a leader and authority. Trust is very important to me in business as I’m sure it is to you.


What I saw with Andrew’s new program is a way to reach my customers and potential customers in a new way…..


…..In a new and exciting marketing medium. TIP: People love things that are NEW and they usually respond  better to it!


Here’s an example.


When e-mail marketing was the new and exciting way to reach customers you could send an email “blast” to your list and get an 80-90% open rate.


These days, email deliverability rates are way down, email open rates are way down and email engagement is way down!


And I’m in no way anti-email marketing or anti internet marketing…. I love internet marketing. Its allowed me total freedom and financial abundance in my life.


In fact, its the very reason I can write an message like this on a Thursday morning on the patio of a restaurant in Denver, Colorado after finishing one of the best most mouth-watering breakfasts i’ve ever had ; )


It was hash-browns, eggs and Canadian bacon topped with some of the best green chili I’ve ever had… The green chili made the meal…. Sorry I get excited when I start thinking about really good breakfast food and total uninterrupted freedom  : )


Okay, back to internet marketing….


I love internet marketing and will continue to make money online and teach others how to do the same.


But I’m a marketer….


remarkamobile_logo…..And to me, it just makes sense to reach prospects and customers in a new way. It is estimated that by the end of 2013 more people will access the internet via their mobile devices than their PC’s.


And it also makes sense to be able to sell “mobile marketing solutions” to other business owners because smart business owners are coming around and realizing every day that they require a mobile presence if they want to effectively reach their customers….


…. So that is why I am doing this new mobile marketing affiliate program. Its a way to create a mobile presence for my business as well as sell this “in demand” mobile marketing solution to other business…


Its one of the ways I am capitalizing on this new, exciting, growing trend and making money in our new “mobile economy”


Want to capitalize with me?


Here’s how….


Watch this video right now and take action before the masses do….


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Until next time!


Adam Chandler

“Helping entrepreneurs up ‘success mountain’ since 2008”


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