3 Free Resources By Thought Leader Bob Proctor (Free Stuff Friday Giveaway)

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Welcome to Free Stuff Friday

Where every Friday I give away some of my best resources for turning you into a marketing, and profit-pulling powerhouse!

All for Free!

All for Free Stuff Friday ; )

I’m really excited to share this weeks Free Stuff Friday offer with you !

And if you were wondering why I didn’t do a free stuff friday giveaway last week its because I was on vacation with my family in Nantucket for my little sisters wedding

Read all the way down to the P.S. line to see some cool pics from my trip to the Island.

I’m giving you this week’s free resource to share the knowledge and wisdom of a guy who I’ve spent a lot of time with over the past few weeks…

If you like personal development your probably already familiar with him.

I’ve been consuming an audio series by Bob Proctor for the past few weeks and its having a very positive impact on my life and business.

The guy is a genius when it comes to showing you how to activate the law of attraction so you can bring more of what you want into your  life…

More money

More business

More freedom

More vacations

A bigger house.. Whatever!

I want to bring you deeper into Bob’s world and share some of his philosophies on “attraction” with you.

Thats why, right now, I’m giving you 3 really cool resources from Bob Proctor.

#1 – A PDF version of his book “You Were Born Rich” 

#2 – A PDF by Bob about creating “Purpose Vision and Goals” 

 #3 – An Audio with Bob talking specifically about money and how to attract more of it into your life!

You can access all 3 of these powerful resources by visiting…

==>> THIS PAGE on my blog


This is a password protected page!

The password is     freestufffriday

Enjoy the resources and if they have an impact on you… Or if any of my Free Stuff Friday giveaways have helped you in some way please let me know by leaving me a comment bellow…

Have an awesome weekend!

Adam Chandler

“Giving you cool free stuff every Friday. Stay tuned!” 

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P.P.S. Here are some pics from the wedding and my trip to Nantucket. If you’ve never been there I highly recommending putting on your list of cool places to visit in your lifetime!

(This is the property where we had the wedding. My family lived in the house on the left and the grooms family stayed in the house on the right)

(Me in my groomsman suite standing with my sister, the bride)
(Overlooking the ocean. The view from the house above)
(My sister Sara the bride, and her new husband Paul walking up from the photo session on the beach)
(Me riding to the golf course to play 9 holes with some of my family members before the wedding)







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