3 Factors For Maximizing Productivity

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Many new entrepreneurs, when they get started in an online or home based business make the false assumption that time = results. Which makes sense because most of us came from the job world where you worked and received compensation for our time. The problem with that model is when you stop working you stop getting paid. But thats not the way it is in this world. In the world of home business entrepreneurship we get paid only for RESULTS and not for time.


This means that we have to make the most of the time we do devote to our business building activities. Sorry to say but if your like most, you have no idea how unproductive you are actually being. And by making a few simple shifts you can improve your productivity and your results by 10, even 100 fold.


Do you want to start accomplishing more in 2 hours than you use to accomplish in 10?


Do you want to get more results in 10 hours than the average marketer does in a month?


Then check out my list of the top 3 factors for maximizing your own productivity (and results) in your business, and put some of the following tips into action immediately… Unless of course you’re already totally satisfied with your results?


#1 – Energy


Contrary to what the scam marketers and hype mongers in the industry will tell you, building a REAL business requires REAL work. It requires energy. And lots of it. If you feel sluggish and tired you won’t be very effective, period.


The-Key-Differences-between-Vitality-and-Physical-HealthIf you get home from working your day job, I understand you might be feeling tired and not super energized to work your business. Unless of course you really despise your day job because then you’ll probably get right to work on your business no matter how you feel.


Here’s how to give yourself a quick BURST of energy. You have to get the heart rate up. Do 20 push ups, or 100 jumping jacks. I’ve even noticed that a brisk walk around the neighborhood helps a lot, both for increasing energy and for clearing your mind.


So maintaining high energy levels means taking care of your physical house. It means taking care of your body. What are some other ways we can take care of our bodies so we can have more energy?


  • Drinking more water
  • Getting more sleep
  • Exercising (this means cardio at least 3 days a week. Yoga and strength training are awesome too)
  • Kick the junk food. Especially fast food. Its the worst.
  • Lay off of heavy foods like bread and pasta. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it once in a while but more greens, vegetables, fruits and proteins means more energy!


#2 – Focus

For some, improving focus means trimming the fat and dropping a business (or 5). It blows my mind how many people “try” and build 3 things at the same time and wonder why they’re not getting anywhere.

This also means focusing on the right activities. It blows my mind just as much to see how many people spend their “working” hours watching webinars and training videos and messing around on Facebook and wonder whey they’re not getting anywhere. Remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of your biz building time must be spent on actual income producing activities. The other 20% on education.


This means that if you work 10 hours, you are spending 8 of those hours creating marketing content, placing ads and communicating with prospects. And just 2 hours watching trainings and webinars. Most have this completely backwards, if they do any income producing actives at all.


#3 – Environment


aa-multitasking-womanYou simply can’t expect to do your most focused, creative work, with kids running around, dogs barking, cell phones buzzing and Facebook dinging with new messages.


Are you setting up boundaries with your family and friends or are you allowing anyone into your world at anytime? Shut off the cell phone. Definitely shut off Facebook and other social media. You might even have to sit down with your family and set some guidelines about when you are off limits.


I’ve spoken with so many coaching student and team members who say that they can’t concentrate on work because their spouse is always asking them to do things around the house when they’re working from home. Look, if this is your situation and you want to completely blame your spouse for your lack of results and then grow to resent them for it, be my guest. But here’s my argument. It isn’t the spouses fault. Its YOUR fault for not communicating the importance of “business building time” for the future freedom and security of the family. Many times a little communication is all thats needed.


Eliminate the distractions like social media and the cell phone. Set aside business building time in a quit place. Leave the house if you have to. Focus on income producing activities and resist the urge to stay in your comfort zone by being a ‘personal development junkie’ and watch your results along with your business and income soar!


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Thanks for reading.

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