Email Marketing – 3 Common Mistakes that Effect Deliverability

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Email marketing has changed big time in the past few years. I was just about ready to give up on my own email marketing about this time last year because I was so frustrated with it. My list was growing but it seemed like my open rates and click through rates were dropping. At best they were staying the same. I knew I had to do something. Here’s what I did.

First, I purchased a mobile marketing system, because I knew that it would be a million times easier to reach and engage with prospects via their mobile phones than with email. Here’s why. People today have multiple email addresses. Some people have emails that they never check that they only use to opt-in for offers. Not good. But those same people have only 1 mobile phone. And if they’re anything like me, it might as well be another appendage like their arm or leg.

To me this means that smart business owners need to start to adopt a mobile strategy if they want to effectively reach their prospects and customers in the months and years to come. Do you agree? And do you also agree that this presents a massive opportunity for anyone selling mobile marketing solutions to those business owners? If so, Click Here and i’ll show you how I’m capitalizing on the biggest marketing and communication trend of our lifetime.

The second thing I did to solve this problem for my own business was this. I invested in an email marketing coaching program. It was about a $2,000 investment that has already started to pay off for me. I can see the investment I made in this info product paying off 100 fold in the long run. Its been a very involved course and I had no idea how much I didn’t know, when it came to email marketing.

WARNING: This is advanced training for advanced marketers. If you have less than 200 people on your email list, than this information is pretty irrelevant to you and you should probably stop reading this post right now and go out there and generate some more leads. Its easy once you’ve committed to the process. If you have no idea how to drive traffic and generate leads online, this is the online lead generation system I’ve used to generate thousands of leads for my business.

#1 – Free VS


Which one of these trips the spam filters more often? Well which one looks more weird and unnatural?… There’s your answer.

I’ve seen some of the top internet marketers I know, some that I call mentors, making this mistake. Here’s why. It used to be that the word “free” would trip email spam filters for whatever reason. But again, email marketing has changed. These days, putting a period in the middle of a common word like free will actually trip spam filters and affect your emails deliverability even more. So stop doing it.

#2 – Failing to segment and scrub your list



followupEmail list hygiene is becoming more and more important. If less than 10% of your subscribers are opening your emails and engaging with them by clicking links, replying, etc. than that is affecting the deliverability of all your emails across the board. I will soon be implementing a 10+ day re-engagement series to anyone who hasn’t opened any of my emails in the past 60 days. If they fail to re-engage they will be removed from my list altogether.

Doing this will have a 2-fold benefit for me. One it will remove a lot of subscribers which will reduce my monthly bill that I pay my email provider. (Email providers like aweber, get response etc. charge you more when you have a bigger list).

Second, it will improve my deliverability therefor ensuring that the people who want to receive my emails are receiving them. In the case of gmail, more of my emails will hit my subscribers “primary” folder as opposed to their “promotions” folder.

#3 – Going on and on about “one thing”


Another thing I learned in the email marketing course I purchased is this. If someone subscribes to your emails and you send them an email campaign that goes on and on for 30 or even 60 days about “one thing,” (like your marketing system or opportunity) then your subscribers who aren’t interested in that thing, will become desensitized to your emails. They will stop clicking and stop opening your emails. Which means they will become unengaged. Is it unengaged or disengaged? Either way its bad! So switch it up a bit. If its a monthly membership system, try offering a stand alone product after the first week. If its a Facebook marketing course, try selling an SEO course. Get the picture?

If they don’t like apples, stop trying to shove apples down their throat. Maybe instead simply offer them oranges and they might just take you up on it : )

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