20131005_100641Hello and thank you for participating in this week’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway!

The following 2 resources are simple. But don’t take their simplicity for granted. These are powerful resources, and if you use them regularly you will notice an upswing in your business. In fact, for some, they will be a total game changer!

Here’s are the free resources from personal development expert, author, speaker and 8-figure entrepreneur¬†Brendon Burchard.

1 Page Productivity Planner – You are going to want to print this out, tape to your desk or work space and use it daily. Honestly, if you do not use it DAILY it probably won’t do much for you and your business. Productivity is about discipline! And discipline is the ONLY way you will go from where are you are now, to where you want to be.

The This/That Rule Tool – Only a few pages long but a very powerful tool and resource for creating goals that you really want and avoiding what you don’t want. So you can use this tool to help you become ultra successful in your business, but without accidentally neglecting your family or personal life in the process. Get it?

Use these tools in good health, abundance and success!

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