2 Questions – How To Tell If You’ll Get Ahead Or Fall Behind In 2014

Two recent traffic studies by BrightEdge and Walker Sands, leading research groups, showed that Mobile traffic has grown “ten times” more than Desktop traffic over the past year…… Ten times!

Mobile 3 finalIf you’re looking to make real, sustainable money as an Entrepreneur from this mega-trend in 2014, it begs two questions:

1. As an Entrepreneur or Consultant, why market only Internet Marketing services to business owners and not Mobile Marketing services? (or at least, both)

2. As an Affiliate Marketer, why market an Internet Marketing opportunity when you could market a Mobile Marketing opportunity instead and be ahead of the Mobile trend instead of behind the Internet trend?

If Mobile traffic has grown ten times more than desktop traffic over the last year, why are you still marketing only Internet Marketing stuff when you could be marketing Mobile, which is where the bigger growth is?

Simple question, simple answer.

It’s just a choice as to whether you want to get ahead of the trend or be behind the trend in 2014…

Here’s the fastest path to cash in on the Mobile Revolution and get to $7,532 “per month” with less than 100 customers and without having to babysit a team. A mentor of mine named Andrew has perfected this business model for well over a year now. And it couldn’t be here at a better time…

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2014 is expected to be “The Year for Mobile.”

Don’t read about it this time next year. Be a part of it this year.

See you on the ‘other side.’

Adam Chandler


adam chandler





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  • Dan Pollack

    Reply Reply January 25, 2014

    Hey Adam, great info. And I’ve seen how this is becoming true even in my own habits. Within a very short time businesses without a Mobile site are going to be like businesses without a website now.

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