100 Days To Change Your Life (Closes Tonight)

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NOTE:  The challenge is being re-opened for an extremely limited time (ENDS TONIGHT 2/13/13 at MIDNIGHT EST).  To get started and find out more details CLICK THIS LINK NOW

Tonight, Wednesday at 8pm EST we are doing a Google Hangout….  Come party with us and find out what the challenge is, and how you can get started.   


Read this entire post, (3 minute read) all the way down to the P.S. line to get all the details on the 100 day biz builder challenge… 


I’d love to have you on board and i’m fully confident that the 100 day coaching and accountability program is exactly what you need to get into profit quickly and sustain long term growth in your business…  


Because after the 100 day program is over you will be fully equipped with skills and habits of successful entrepreneurs and you will be able to make a lot of money in the home based business world or any entrepreneurial endeavor for that matter, for years! 


100 day biz builder challengeTonight at 8pm eastern, we are having one last Hangout to discuss details of the challenge and how you can lock in your spot in the 100 day coaching program. 


Click here NOW and bookmark the page and come back at 8pm EST 


We already have a bunch of dead serious entrepreneurs on board with the challenge and after tonight’s info meeting about it we move forward full steam ahead! 


How am I so confident that this 3 month program will equip you with business building skills and habits that you will use to produce cash-flow in any business for years? 


Because in early 2009 I joined a very similar 90 day coaching program led by 2 very successful entrepreneurs and… 


Here we are 4 years later…


-My business has sustained my life and I haven’t had a job in 4 years


-I created my first ever 6-figure year in 2011


-I’m a top producer in my primary business and over the past 13 months I’ve taken 3 fully paid for vacations that I’ve won for sponsoring people into my business. One 7 day cruise to Jamaica that I just returned from a couple weeks ago. 


The only thing you have to bring to the table is a burning desire to succeed


We literally have the rest taken care of in the way we set this 100 day challenge up… 


Honestly if you don’t have a burning desire to change your life this challenge probably won’t do you any good. I don’t want you to waste your time and i certainly don’t want you to waste my time. 


However if you have a burning desire to succeed and you are ready to make some serious changes in your life and business and the way you operate bring your “A-game” to this 100 day challenge and you won’t even recognize your life and business 100 days from now… 


Well 101 days from now to be exact since we don’t start until tomorrow ; ) 


Again CLICK HERE NOW for tonights exciting Hangout about the challenge at 8pm eastern


See you there tonight!


And please email any and all questions about the challenge to 




or message me on my facebook fan page at Facebook.com/MeetAdamChandler




P.S. Every time we do a 100 day challenge like this people procrastinate and don’t take action by the deadline. 


They realize and see that the 100 day coaching and accountability program is exactly what they require to get them moving forward in their business and they ask to join after we start. We unfortunately have to tell them NO and that that they will have to wait until next year or whenever the next time we host another biz-builder challenge. 


DO NOT be that person!


Speed and quick decisions is one thing you have to learn if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, period. 


Make the very wise decision and join us in this 100 day challenge! You have until tonight at midnight to decide. 


Get more details on the 100 day challenge on my blog Right Here


And check out my cool new bonuses for mastery members when you click here right now

Adam Chandler

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