Breaking News: 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge Now Open to 3, 6 and 12 Month MLSP Mastery Members

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“Would 100 Days of Free Coaching From 2 Top Producers Give You The Jump-Start You Require to Skyrocket Your Business And Income In 2013?”


If so pay very close attention and read every word of this post. We will get back to exactly how to get free coaching from 2 top producers in just a few…


Very soon we close the enrollment for the 2013 100 day biz-builder challenge that I’m hosting with master marketer Justice Eagan.


WARNING: Every time we’ve hosted a biz builder challenge in the past, and this is the 4th biz builder challenge that I’ve hosted, we’ve had people who procrastinate and then ask us later if they can jump onboard the challenge and we tell them NO. No exceptions, not this time, not even for you.


On Wednesday, January 30th at 9pm eastern Justice and I will be hosting the MLSP Webinar to discuss the challenge and how to get involved. Register Here Right Now for Wednesday night.


Last week on the MLSP webinar the all new MLSP mastery program was launched.


Click here to answer the question, what is MLSP mastery?


The 100 day biz builder challenge was offered as a bonus for people who purchased the annual membership of mastery for $1,500. Many jumped all over it and at the same time many did not have the $1,500 to to buy the annual membership and did not.


The MLSP powers that be twisted our arms and asked if we’d be cool with opening the biz builder challenge to mastery members who purchased the 3 month mastery membership and 6 month mastery membership as well. We agreed.


Breaking News: The 100 Day Biz-builder challenge is now open to all 3 month, 6 month and 12 month mastery members.


Buy mastery here right now and choose which of these 3 options you want.


What Do I Get With the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge?



  • Weekly coaching sessions where Justice and I will share exactly what we are doing to get results right now in our businesses. By the way Justice alone gets 50 free leads a day on average using video marketing. Do you think you can learn a few things about online lead generation from a guy like that? Damn right you can. And you will. On these weekly calls which start Thursday the 31st at 9pm eastern we will also be bringing out friends and mentors of ours. 6 and even some 7-figure marketers to share some of their best insights into building massively profitable businesses in todays marketplace. We will also be using our weekly coaching calls to highlight YOU, our members and give you exposure to the entire group when you follow our training and get results from taking the challenge seriously
  • Accountability Tracker – A weekly tracking sheet you will be responsible for turning in every week. This tracker is meant to keep track of all your income producing activities and give you points whenever you do something that moves you closer to generating leads and making sales. There’s an old saying that goes, “Results that are measured expand, results that are measured and reported expand exponentially.” This is why we are having you report to your weekly points. Did you not make any sales or get any leads this week? I guarantee you didn’t get any accountability points either because if you did, you would. The tracker is a much needed look in the mirror at what you really did to move your business forward.


  • Biz Builder Facebook Group for support and even more accountability. Here you will be able to interact with other members of the challenge, share content with one another and get all your questions answered fast! Building a “home based” business can feel very lonely at times and we created this group for you to know that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You may even meet your next JV partner, mastermind partner or full-on business partner that you go on to create a 7-figure empire with in our very private, very exclusive biz-builder challenge facebook group.

We will also be giving you weekly assignments designed to get you out of your comfort zone and get you into massive action mode because that is where you have to operate from in order to get fast results. It doesn’t happen by accident!

100 day biz builder challenge


We’ve had “challengers” in the past who have reported getting leads and making profits online in their businesses for the first time ever. We had one guy who went from a few hundred blog visitors per month to over 20,000 visitors per month. That is some serious traffic. That is what this 100 day biz builder challenge can do for your business if you take it seriously, make a decision that you are all-in and commit to the process for 100 days.


Its 100 days for the rest of your life.


Are you willing to trade 100 days of discomfort and full-on commitment to a business building blitz for the chance to live a dream lifestyle provided by your home based business?


If so bring your “A-game” to this 100 day biz builder challenge and I guarantee you will not even recognize your life and business 100 days from now.


Adam Chandler



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