Just Released: The 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge is Now Re-Opened Due to Extremely High Demand!

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All I can say is that people are pumped about the 100 day biz builder challenge. We kicked off our 3’rd 100 day challenge last night with over 150 attendees on the live call. There are 213 total challenge members as of last night when we announced that we are re-opening the challenge due to extremely high demand.

Here are the facts…

As of about 10pm eastern last night, Thursday March 8th 2012 the challenge is re-open for network marketers to join the fun with this 100 day business building journey. The challenge will only be opened until Wednesday March 14th, 2012 at midnight eastern. At that point there will be no exceptions and we will move forward with the “challengers” because that is what successful entrepreneurs do…

We move forward and we don’t look back.

Click here now to learn all about the challenge and get it before its too late! 

Here are some screen shots of our “members only” 100 day challenge facebook group. As you will see by these images, challenge members are all about helping and supporting each other and there are a ton of network marketers are fired up about the next 100 days!


What is the 100 day biz builder challenge?

At this point you may be thinking. “Thats great that people are fired up about this thing but what exactly is the 100 day biz builder challenge?” 

Well… I’m glad you asked..

The fastest way to get the skinny on the challenge is to click here right now!

… but here’s my take on the challenge as the co-creator of it.

100 day biz builder challengeThe 100 day challenge is a business building boot camp designed to move you (as a network marketer) out of your comfort zone and get you in the habits of doing activities that lead to profit in your business. Its kinda like getting vaccinated. Does it hurt a bit to get a vaccination? Yes. Can it save you from future pain? Absolutely! See its about getting some of the “growing pains” of building your business out of the way early so you can “make the shift” from employee to entrepreneur or from struggling network marketer to successful network marketer in a shorter period of time.

After all… Isn’t anything worth doing in life usually a bit of a challenge?

…..but after you go through it doesn’t it feel really good to look back on it and say, “I did that!”  “My number was called and I rose to the occasion!”

Who knows.. you may find ability and creativity in yourself that you didn’t even know was there… You just needed the right catalyst to bring it out for you..

And for many that catalyst is the 100 day biz builder challenge!

Click here to join the challenge now! 

Adam Chandler

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