10 Undeniable Truths of Network Marketing

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10 undeniable truths of network marketing

Myself with Larry Thomson. Larry is one of the co-founders of Herbalife International. A network marketing company that did 5.3 Billion in sales last year!

These 10 undeniable truths of network marketing were shared with me recently by one of the founders of my network marketing company. This person started off as a distributor for a health and wellness MLM company in the early 1990’s and became the #1 income earner in that company. So, he’s had experience both as a successful company owner as well as a field leadership distributor. He shared these insights with us at a our company training event in Sacramento last weekend. In this post I will share all 10 undeniable truths of network marketing and them write my own thoughts about each one and they’ve applied to my growth and experience in the industry.

1.) You are enough!

We all come to this industry with personal issues, most of them deeply ingrained in our subconscious from childhood. And these are issues that do not serve us as adults. If your parents never made more than $40K in a year then you most likely have deserve issues around striving to make $40K in a month. Building a business like this and striving for more can bring up all kinds of questions like, do I deserve these things I am going for? And do I have what it takes to achieve this? These thoughts and feelings are completely normal and it is vital that in order to get around these issues we focus on personal development. You deserve the best of what this world has to offer, you can do this and you are enough!

2.) Who you become in the process is more important than the result

Network marketing is personal and professional development with a compensation plan. Through the process we learn communication skills, sales skills, leadership skills and other skills that build our entrepreneurial muscles. We become better parents, friends, aunts, uncles, role models and better all around human beings through the process. Skill sets are more important than money. Money can be taken away you can lose it through a variety of different ways but skill sets stay with you and you can be a master at the art of, “creation on demand.” Isn’t that exciting?

3.) Life is a journey, enjoy it!

Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow is uncertain. Today is all we really have. So, no matter what you do, make the most out of it and enjoy it. Many people look at happiness as something to be attained through external factors like money, status, relationships and success. But the happiest people on earth know the secret is to enjoy the moment. The now.

4.) Don’t let emotions stop you. We all experience the same emotions.

It is common to go through challenges in your business and think that you are alone in those experiences. You see ultra-successful people and think that they must not have experienced the same problems or issues. That is a complete falsehood. Successful people in your organization experienced the same fear, worry, uncertainty that you may be presently experiencing. The only difference is between the person who fails and the person who succeeds is that the person who fails allows those emotions to get the best of them and the person who succeeds feels those emotions and acts anyway.

5.) Obstacles are no excuse to quit.

Like I just mentioned in number 4 we all experience challenges in our businesses. Obstacles are inevitable when taking on any new venture or learning new skills. Successful people will push through obstacles and develop a solution oriented mindset, while unsuccessful people will view obstacles as a sign that they should give up. They are eager to give up and they look for problems. When those problems arise they are happy because it gives them a reason to justify quitting. Successful people experience the same problems and use it as a reason to get better.

6.) You must have an attitude of gratitude.

We all have so much to be grateful for. If your reading this right now be grateful for the fact that you have internet access and can connect to the majority of the world. Do you realize how much information you have at your fingertips? What about the roof that you have over your head? Or the fact that you have clean drinking water? Do you know that there are lots of people that don’t have those luxuries? EXERCISE: Write a list of 100 things that you have to be grateful for in your life.

7.) Limiting beliefs will destroy you!

You must identify your limiting beliefs about yourself and what your capable of through personal development. If you believe you don’t have what it takes to become successful than you don’t. If you believe you don’t deserve freedom and wealth, you don’t. Identify your limiting beliefs and systematically destroy them by replacing them with new empowering beliefs. The best way I know how to do this is through affirmations. Repeat statements to yourself like, I am the leader people are looking for. Until you eventually believe it and it becomes a part of you.

8.) Money is usually a consequence of your contribution

You will get paid in direct correlation with the value that you deliver to the marketplace. People that win the lottery often find themselves just as broke as they were before they won just a few short years after winning.  However people who create businesses that create jobs and opportunities that bless the lives of others get paid exceptionally well over long periods of time. Work on increasing your value to the marketplace and ask questions to yourself like, how can I deliver my value to a broader audience? 

9.) If you don’t quit you cannot lose

There are really no failures in network marketing. You either become successful or you give up before you reach success. Ask yourself, is a steady flow of residual income and the choices and freedom that goes along with that worth the next 5, 6, or 7 years of your life. Develop an, I will until attitude and eventually it will be yours!

10.) If you can dream it you can achieve it, even if you don’t know how, YET!

Forget about the how. If your why is strong enough the “how” will eventually present itself. Believe in yourself and your dreams and have the courage to make it happen. There will be obstacles. There will be challenges. But if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen!

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