10 Reasons to Buy the Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint NOW!

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10 reasons you should buy the irresistible info marketing blueprint nowI’ve just been in the mind of a genius. Well.. Not really a genius but a person who has created 8-figure results online, in the network marketing industry. His knowledge of marketing and 21st century entrepreneurship has reached a level of epic proportions.

Did I mention this gentlemen qualified for welfare and food stamps 4 years ago?

Thats a testament to not only himself, but to the life changing, transformational potential of learning internet marketing, direct response marketing and direct selling in the 21st century. I’m talking of course about Mark Hoverson. Now i’m not going to spend much time talking about Hoverson, himself. I do that quite a bit in my other blog post, Mark Hoverson’s Quantum Leap Formula.

This post is about Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint and the top 10 reasons you should purchase this course TODAY!

1.) If you want to be a successful internet marketer or network marketer you must expose yourself as much as possible to the people who have the results you want. Make sense? good! After going through Module 1 of the irresistible info marketing blueprint I got about 3 or 4 takeaways about how not only how to create a “caffeine product” to make more money online, but also how to use it to grow an MLM or direct sales organization.

2.) Because this information is already in the hands of over 1,000 marketers in the industry. This is your competition! Although this represents a very small section of the industry, don’t you want every possible advantage in the marketplace? Imagine how much this knowledge can sparate you from the masses who do not even know about it!!

3.) Students who take the course will have a chance to get on a $30,000 boat party with Mark Hoverson, Tim Erway and several other industry leaders. They have actually set up this competition to make it fair to everyone. Regardless of weather you have 10 people on your list or 10,000 you have a shot on winning a spot on the party boat!

4.) Because Mark is one of the best in the industry at teaching not only the “how to” but also the psychological reasons that hold 97% of people back from achieving their dreams. Trust me if you don’t have much money now it is most likely not because of a lack of knowledge or skill or potential but because of “money issues” that are deeply rooted inside you. Do you think a 8-figure marketer who qualified for welfare 4 years ago has had to resolve some of his own money issues. You bet! Do you think he can teach you some his techniques so you can resolve some of your own? I know for a fact he can because he’s helped me do just that!

5.) Because throughout Mark Hoversons info blueprint, he gives usable information about how he uses this information to not only recruit like crazy in his network marketing business, but also how he DUPLICATES like crazy among his team. Recruiting is great but it can only get you so far. The key to a leveraged business and the time freedom that is available in this industry is duplication and he lays it all out on the table.

6.) Because contrary to what you might think, this is information anyone can use regardless of skill level or list size to make a ton of money online in a short period of time and then leverage it to make money over a long period of time.

7.) Because in order to make more money in your business you MUST become more valuable and learn new skills. Going through the first module alone, (as I have), will make you more knowledgable about creating products than 99% of the industry, period.

8.) Because finding JV partners and creating mastermind teams is probably the most important thing for your long term success in this game. It makes business much more fun, rewarding and profitable. Mark has an entire module on how and where to find these people, how to approach them, and how to effectively partner up to create win-win extremely profitable situations.

9.) Because Internet Marketing is the modern day gold rush. Trying to figure this stuff out on your own will lead to a great deal of frustration and will possibly take years of trial and error. This is a way to cut years off your learning curve, save thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time and ensure that you don’t miss out on this GOLD RUSH that will unfortunately pass many people by.

10.) Because you can get this game changing course for just $297 if you act fast!! Are you kidding me? And after 2,500 sales are made the price will automatically go up to $497. Remember this is a list about why you should buy this course now!! As in today, July 13th 2011.

Trust me kids, this is one you don’t want to miss out on.. Act fast.

Ok, Adam, You’ve convinced me.. I want the Irresistible Info-Marketing blueprint NOW!

Click here to get a specific game plan for recouping all of your investment into the Irresistible info-marketing blueprint and even cashing in on this information without even making a single affiliate sale.

To the TOP!!

Adam Chandler

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