3 Ways To Boost Sales and Profits with SMS and Mobile Marketing

Here’s the deal… Right now THE top performing businesses in the world are pouring time, energy and money into getting their Mobile Marketing right. And as per usual most home business owners and small business owners are playing, “wait and see.” Just like they did with email marketing and social media and all other recent revolutions…

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How to Create More “Lay Down Sales” in Your Home Business

A lay down sale is a sale that you don’t even have to try to make… It occurs  very smoothly and very naturally. There is no begging chasing or convincing involved. This video is all about how to create more “lay down sales” in your home business and make the selling process faster, more natural…

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How To Make More Sales By Creating Trust in An Understandably Un-Trusting World


Here’s how to destroy the brick wall that exists in any and all sales and marketing situations so you can create more sales by building trust in an understandably untrusting world

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7 Cardinal Rules of a Profitable, Leveraged Business


Do you know the big difference between a network marketing distributor and a regular sales rep?   One word, “leverage!”   Sales reps usually make a sale and get paid once for that sale. In network marketing we can get paid over and over again for the sale and have the opportunity to create unlimited residual income from…

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Were you promised a unicorn but all you got was a donkey with a plunger stuck to his head?


Were you promised a unicorn but when you showed up all you got was a donkey with a plunger stuck to his head?   Thats the way it was for most of us in home business….   We were sold a dream of freedom and what we got was very different and very disappointing…   We were sold…

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