My Top Book Recommendations for Developing The Skills and Mindset of A Top Income Earner

Since I returned from the 7th Live the Dream event in Austin, Texas A couple weeks ago I’ve been doing a lot more live videos using Facebook live and Periscope. Live videos are a great way to create content for your audience and provide value to your social media followers. Once you’ve watched the replay of…

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When is it ok to pitch your product or business on social media?

I made this video to answer the question, “When is it ok to pitch your product or business on social media?” We often hear things like, “Social media is a place to connect and share, not to pitch” And there is SOME truth to that, but as profit conscious marketers and entrepreneurs we have to…

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How To Create Focus and Eliminate Confusion In Your Online Marketing

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Multi Media Marketing – How To Rise Above the Noise and Drastically Increase Conversions

Multi Media Marketing

Back in the day, (around 2008) when I got started in online marketing, email was still fairly new as a medium for following up with prospects and customers.   Because of this, if you were doing email marketing, you were kind of a big deal in the minds of most prospects. Especially in the world…

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[Visual] What Duplication in Network Marketing Looks Like


This blog post and video are a little different than my usual content where I share online marketing, lead generation and sales conversion strategies for home business owners. I recently joined a new direct sales business a few months ago and what has been happening on my team since then has been pretty incredible. This…

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